Best Car Rental Management Software for a Hassle Free Deployment

Car rental management software is finding excellent traction in the recent past. Let’s understand the reason for this spike in interest. With the slow removal of border lock down restrictions, travel is slowly picking up both for business and leisure. Despite the varying levels of Covid-19 threat persisting across geographies, people seem to have adapted to the new normal. In the new normal, travelers prefer personal mobility over shared mobility. While this is good news for car rental companies, travelers have become very picky when choosing the right car rental provider. Quality, hygiene, digital interactions for customer management have become increasingly crucial for travelers when choosing a car rental provider. In the dis-aggregated car rental market, car rental providers are increasingly embracing car rental management software to provide touch-less digital interactions to the customers right from the first touch point. Subscription-based car rental management software have made it easy for car rental companies to adopt this digital-first approach right at the click of a button with minimal spending. In case you are looking for such software, here are some of the most popular car rental software that you can consider.

1.Rent Rabbit (

Rentrabbit has a very intuitive admin, and user interface with standard features like an admin control panel, payment gateway integration, multi-language support, and currency options on the admin side. It also has a visually appealing customer dashboard and rentals dashboard. Beyond car rental, Rent Rabbit also caters to managing boat rentals, bike rentals, and equipment rentals. The excellent part is unlike many other subscription software that charge a monthly subscription fee, Rent Rabbit charges a one-time subscription fee starting at $1999.

2. Speed (

Speed is another car rental software player with strong web and mobile interfaces for their applications. Their key features include language support across geographies, paperless car rental, electronic rental agreement with an electronic signature, car rental brokers integration, and electronic documentation reader. The software also comes with a 30-day free trial, and the subscription starts at USD 50 per month.

3. HQ Rentals Software (

HQ Rentals has a broader range of solutions within the car rental software industry with solutions tailored for Online reservations, Fleet management, Self Service car rental, Telematics, Long-Term & Leasing, and Car Sharing. HQ Rentals offers a 14-day free trial, and their pricing starts at USD 50 per month.

4. BookRidesonline (

Bookridesonline has a great feature set for reservation management, scheduling, and dispatch of the fleet vehicles. Some of the features like an integrated payment system, merchant account, and periodical reports are unique to They also have the product available in a mobile app format across iOS and Android. They also have a very competitive price point starting at USD 59.

5. EasyRentPro - (

EasyRentPro is a well-established car rental software provider. They have a desktop version as well as a cloud version of the product. Unlike other providers, who are cloud-first, EasyRentPro has started as on-premise software and moved to a cloud offering as part of its product evolution. They operate on a one time fixed fee and recurring annual fee model. They also offer a 30-day hassle-free trial before moving to one of their paid pricing tiers.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we intend to add/remove more players to this article as time progresses.

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