Google Workspace - Pricing Teardown (Part 2 of 3)

If you are reading this article then we assume that you are already familiar with what Google Workspace Collaboration Suite is and have decided to go for it. Here we try to help you with choosing the right plan.

Google Workspace apps are free for consumers with a Gmail account which includes 15GB storage space with additional space available for purchase. However, as an organization, you should go for a paid plan as it allows the use of a custom domain ( which adds authenticity to your business communications both inside & outside of your team) and also provides a centralized admin console to manage & monitor users, apps & activities. There are 3 primary plans for Google Workspace to which you can subscribe directly and beyond that there is an enterprise plan for which you need to contact the sales team of Google Workspace. 

Google Workspace Business Starter costs $6 per user per month for core Google apps on a custom domain with 30 GB storage per user. 

  • It gives you a business email on your custom domain, phishing & spam protection that blocks more than 99.9% of the attacks, and an Ad-free email experience.

  • Video conferencing with 100 participants and up to 24 hrs

  • Drive File Stream allows users to access files stored in the drive from their computer freeing up disk space & network bandwidth, 

  • Shared calendars to manage events, view availability of buildings & conference rooms

  • Shared notes

  • A no-code drag & drop website builder

  • Custom survey  builder in Google Forms

  • Interoperability with Microsoft Office files, Outlook, Exchange, Calendar files

  • Smart fill, smart clean up features in Spreadsheet to organize, standardize & clean raw data before analyzing

  • Social posts & activity stream

From a security & management point of view, the starter plan enables 2 step verification, Group-based policy controls, an Advanced protection program & fundamental endpoint management.

The starter plan is a good point to start for small organizations or startups with few employees. However, If you need more storage space for the users you might want to go for the Google Workspace Business Standard which costs $12 per user per month. This plan gives 2TB storage per user & allows up to 150 participants on Google Meet Video calls. Meeting recordings can be saved to Google drive. It also allows the users to chat outside their domain, to auto-accept invitations & to turn chat history on or off. 

As you grow into a larger organization there are many regulatory requirements & legal commitments to adhere to. Google Workspace Business Plus caters to those needs. The most important addition it has is the tool Google Vault & advance endpoint management. Google Vault allows the admin to set retention rules, archive & search data for legal purposes. And endpoint management keeps data secured across multiple user devices by setting security policies and auto wiping the data in case of loss or theft of the device. This plan increases the storage capacity for users to 5Tb and also allows up to 250 participants on a single Google Meet call. The Google Workspace Business Plus plan costs $18 per user per month.

All the above-mentioned plans can be purchased for a maximum of 300 users. Beyond which, the organizations have to go for enterprise plans. Google Workspace Enterprise plan gives enterprise security, Premium administrative controls, Enterprise-wide collaboration, and enhanced support. It gives unlimited storage to users, noise-canceling feature on calls, And enables users to build custom applications from Google Spreadsheet without writing any code through AppSheet. Additional layers of security comprise of: 

  • Data Loss Prevention enabling users to create & apply rules to control the content that users share outside the organization. This gives the admin control over what users can share & prevents unintended exposure of sensitive information.

  • Security Center with security analytics, best practice recommendations, and the ability to remediate security incidents. 

  • Access Transparency with visibility into the action taken by Google staff related to your data.

  • Granular access control policies to Google Workspace and SAML applications based on attributes such as user identity, device security posture, IP address, and geolocation with context-aware access

To summarize, Google Workspace offers different pricing plans for different storage space requirements, advanced collaboration needs & enterprise-grade security & compliance requirements. For a small organization not operating with sensitive data or a stringent regulatory environment, the business starter plan is good enough. As advanced features are needed the plans can be upgraded.