How Zluri helped a Top Cyber Security Unicorn save ~$500k and 400 hours on SaaS Procurement in less than 5 months

Zluri has closed nearly 30 contracts in less than five months, saving them ~$500,000.


The Challenge

A top cybersecurity unicorn was looking for help with decluttering its entire SaaS footprint, and drawing out a streamlined process for SaaS procurement that can serve as a time and budget saver. In essence, a clear path to SaaS governance was absent and had to be drawn, and Zluri was in the best place to do that with its platform-led SaaS buying approach.

Before Zluri stepped in, the company had set up a team to streamline the entire procurement process, and for SaaS, they needed an expert to clear a few roadblocks.

The Solution

After a vigorous search for the right solution, they zeroed down on Zluri because of its unique offering of a platform-led SaaS buying approach. 

With Zluri’s experienced SaaS buying team, and its platform insights trained by processing billions of SaaS transactions, the customer has found a way to solve their SaaS chaos and reap financial and productivity benefits through Zluri’s intelligent SaaS buying. 


  1. Zluri started by developing a standard SaaS procurement process that the entire organization would follow. The procurement, finance, and individual requestors were kept informed throughout the SaaS buying process for each contract, ensuring maximum transparency and eliminating shocks.

  2. After opting for Zluri's SaaS Buying, the company has saved 400 productive hours in their SaaS procurement process, nearly 75% of overall time spent on the SaaS procurement process. The time spent researching tools and negotiating the best prices was now spent on innovation. In addition, Managing contracts were no longer a pain.

  3. Zluri has closed nearly 30 contracts in less than five months, saving them ~$500,000.

With seasoned buyers, a solid platform, data-backed insights, and top-notch customer support, Zluri’s SaaS buying can be your finance and procurement team’s silver bullet against SaaS chaos.


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