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What is OrangeHRM?

Established in 2005 in Secaucus, New Jersey, OrangeHRM is one of the pioneers in developing Human Resources Management Software. Offering choice and flexibility, the system is easily scalable and affordable. The company today, serves over 4.2 Million users in over 100 countries the world over. The state of the art software also supports between 25 to 25,000 employees and is the leading HR Management Software for Start-up's, SME's as well as Large Transnational and Multinational organizations. Each of OrangeHRM's Modules is a stand-alone solution, making it easy for you to start now with what is critically important to you and keep adding more as you grow or based on future organizational needs. We help you optimize your HR environment with options that include: Cloud or On-Premise hosting Module-based architecture—purchase the features you want Pay-per-employee pricing structure Customization and seamless integrations Implementation training and delivery HR Outsourcing Support services Human Resources & IT Teams simply love our HR Management System. As it is so easy to use and so easy to implement, saving so much time and stress for everyone. If you're looking for a scalable and affordable HR solution, join the millions of users worldwide who use Orange HRM products.

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Get more out of OrangeHRM with Zluri

Zluri is an enterprise SaaS management platform for IT teams. It enables IT teams to discover, manage, secure, and comply across multiple SaaS applications, all from a single dashboard. It also helps you automate SaaS Operations Tasks like user onboarding & offboarding.

With direct integration with OrangeHRM, you can discover the OrangeHRM users and their usage. You can track licences, optimise spend & plan for your future requirements.

Key Features:

  • Discover the users using the OrangeHRM and track their activity.

  • Identify inactive users and unused licences in order to reduce spend & secure your application stack.

  • Understand OrangeHRM’s engagement score through the average usage percentage metric.

  • Manage OrangeHRM licences, monitor the amount spent, and track upcoming renewals from a single dashboard.


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