Importance of SaaS Management with Jim Hussey- Featured Shot


Importance of SaaS Management with Jim Hussey

Jim spoke to us about how the number of SaaS solutions has exploded and what challenges that has brought with it. He reiterated the problems that could arise for organizations that have not implemented automated SaaS management. He also shared some insights on how useful SaaS was during the recent pandemic and much more.

Jim Hussey, who started his career in journalism and research, shifted paths and became the leader of a Fortune 500 technology vendor management organization. He has vast experience in software asset management, telecom expense management, IT first line of defense, third-party risk management, and IT sourced services. Meanwhile, he has also written some fantastic books - The Survival Guide To SaaS Optimization and The SAM leader survival, which were the greatest hit among the IT heads. 

He has been instrumental in developing the policies and controls for the software and worked closely with his IT sourcing partner and Chief Procurement Officer to develop a detailed workflow on how software is approved for use.

Jim spoke to us about how prevalent SaaS has become and the difficulty of managing SaaS without an automated management system. He also shared few words on how helpful SaaS was during the pandemic. Finally, he reiterated the importance of having SaaS governance and the downsides of not having a platform to monitor SaaS stack.