SaaS Operations in the Cloud Era with Michele Liberman- Featured Shot


SaaS Operations in the Cloud Era with Michele Liberman

Michele Liberman has a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences and a post-graduate degree in Information Systems Management from Liverpool University. She has been working with Smart Communications for the past 16 years in different departments, from development, through enterprise architecture, enjoying the journey from small to enterprise as the company went from software provider to SaaS service provider.

Michele runs the SaaS Operations Delivery Teams, including Infrastructure, Database and Service Reliability Engineers and believes that exemplary in-house technical teams give the company the flexibility to achieve new business strategy.

In this podcast, Michelle talks about:

  • Embracing Flexibility: How Agile Companies Thrived Amidst the Pandemic
  • Importance of SaaS Management in an Organization
  • Future of SaaS Operations