Understanding SaaS Governance with Jeffrey Tefertiller- Featured Shot


Understanding SaaS Governance with Jeffrey Tefertiller

Jeffrey spoke to us about SaaS governance and gave a great emphasis on what it really means. He also reiterated the importance of implementing SaaS governance policies and the steps that need to be followed. Finally, he concluded by highlighting the importance of SaaS management platforms.

Jeffrey Tefertiller has been a leader in IT service management for 25 years. In his experience, he's led an ITSM company, worked in-house leading process initiatives, and owns an ITSM consulting practice. In addition, he has written six books so far––everything about ITSM practices. 

He is a seasoned IT professional who has successfully led geographically diverse teams, large and small. Jeffrey is a strong believer in using analytics and metrics to measure success and opportunities for improvement.

Jefferey spoke to us about the importance of the SaaS governance process and elaborated the best practices to implement to have a successful SaaS Governance. He also added the need to have SaaS management platforms in this SaaSified world. Finally, he highlighted the effectiveness of SaaS management platforms and how valuable they can be for organizations.