Top 30 Enterprise Project Management Software (2021)

Top 30 Enterprise Project Management Software (2021)

It's not easy to keep track of all your projects and tasks when working for a company. You might have different people in charge of each project, or you could be the only one with that responsibility. 

Managing projects is tough enough on its own without having to worry about what's going on in other departments. That's why enterprise project management software can help make things easier for everyone involved. 

These are some of the enterprise project management tools that are currently available in the industry.

1.Microsoft Projects

Microsoft Project (MSP) is a project management software made for enterprises to collaborate with team members and keep track of projects. 

Depending on your plan, Microsoft Project lets you create tailored programs to suit your needs and preferences and manage resources efficiently with the different features it offers. 

With these many services at hand, MSP was able to dominate this field of business when first introduced because its products were much more readily available than others in the market, given how new it was back then.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are: 

  1. Best for technical project managers

  2. Use a list and board to track and manage projects.

  3. Plan the project schedule and deadline using a timeline.

  4. Templates to track the project progressions

  5. Inbuilt timesheet and resource management

  6. WBS management 

  7. Powerful and flexible 


Asana is a powerful Project management tool that helps you and your team organize, collaborate, and plan. 

It will help make sure you never miss an important deadline with its integrated features, including notifications to alert you about upcoming deadlines. 

Industry giants have adopted the tool because it offers them everything they need to get projects done on time!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Calendar and Gantt Timelines

  2. Track project progressions and strategic initiatives

  3. Flexibility in customization on templates

  4. Automated workflow

  5. Built-in approval and proofing

  6. Track departmental progression 

  7. Tailor the need to specific team and projects

3. Trello 

Trello was the first company to make board-based task management accessible for all. It's a simple app on the surface, but with some nifty features like workflow automation and security in place, Trello is an attractive tool for enterprise users too! 

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. User-friendly drag and drop system.

  2. Flexibility in customization of workflow.

  3. Templates for recurring projects

  4. Dozens of integration of powerful tools 

  5. Workflow automation 

  6. Trello provides comprehensive access control.

  7. Prioritize and organize each task.

4. Project 

Time is precious, and it goes by so quickly. You don't want to spend your entire day just trying to get things done when you could be enjoying time with friends! 

The best way we know of that's simple enough for anyone, even if they're not a pro at planning or management skills, is this app here: Plannerz Pro. 

Customize the setup to meet your team size and then plan all their work in one place while improving accountability (as only true professionals should!)

It's easy-to-learn. Drag & drop technology will have you managing tasks like never before; try out these features today!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Gantt Chart maker plan, schedule, and assign work.

  2. Kanban and task list to track tasks.

  3. Dashboard and report to simplify quick overview.

  4. Timesheet and cost data tracking.

  5. Group and organize to project and portfolio.

  6. Easy to use.

5. Clarizen

The Clarizien Project Management Software has its design to simplify how you do your job! This easy-to-use system gives you an overview of what needs doing at any given point in time, so it simply knows where all your priorities lie. 

The unique thing about this program is its simplicity and flexibility. If one task takes too long or another starts up more quickly, they can be swapped around without losing anything important - saving precious hours every day.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Customizable workflows and UI to the preference of the organization's style of work.

  2. A dashboard that gives you a clear overview of the enterprise.

  3. Communication via email, discussion, files, and links across different departments.

  4. Digital proofing and approvals. 

  5. Resource and financial management based on data.

  6. Integration to improve productivity.

  7. One place for review, approval, management, and reporting.

6. InMotionNow


InMotion is designed for creative projects and lets you do everything from a single dashboard. 

It's the perfect fit because it offers all of your standard enterprise functions, but what sets InMotions apart is its built-in file sharing features that enable @ mentions or notifications. 

With this collaborative software on board, Google Docs will be outmoded by superior mark-up technology!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Keep track of all the campaigns, tasks, and projects.

  2. Manage your team resources, timeline, and workflows.

  3. Stop the endless feedback loops.

  4. Collaboratively review content in real-time.

  5. Never lose momentum with quick onboarding.


There is an abundance of tools available to help individuals and teams work more efficiently. 

For example, Planview offers digital workspaces that provide a collaborative environment for team members. 

In contrast, LeanKit provides Kanban management software with online collaboration capabilities so users can complete their daily tasks in one place.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Accessible to a strategic roadmap for business workflows.

  2. Gantt chart integrated and capacity views for better project scheduling.

  3. Balancing capacity across projects.

  4. Analytics and reports are decision made data-driven.

  5. Visual presentation of project portfolio for continuous planning and delivery.

  6. Detailed Financial views

  7. Time Tracking

8. Jira

Jira Software is the perfect tool for agile teams that need to manage their work. 

With Jira, you can easily organize anything from tasks and projects all in one place, making it easier than ever before to keep track of everything your team needs. 

Jira Software simplifies project management by organizing each task at a glance, so you don't have to waste time trying to find what's essential.

The main feature that makes it suitable for enterprises are:

  1. It finds bugs, creates user stories, and plans software development sprints.

  2. Tracking tasks, capture, and prioritize in real-time.

  3. Real-time reports and dashboards.

  4. Flexibility in making customized workflow. 

  5. Integrations.

  6. User friendly. 

  7. Agile SCRUM and kanban support.

9. Sciforma

Sciforma is a tool that helps to manage both projects and portfolios. It works with any project management methodology, including Waterfall or Agile approaches. 

So whether you're working on one individual big thing at the time (aka waterfall) or many little things all in flux (agile), Sciforma will help keep your priorities straight without getting overwhelmed. 

Sciforma designs for anyone who needs help managing their workloads across various projects.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are: 

  1. Anticipate the requirement of the project with demand management.

  2. Project portfolio helps to translate strategic initiatives into projects and activities.

  3. WBS and Resource sheet.

  4. Plan capacities and optimize resources to reduce or minimize revenue, customer and employee losses.

  5. Time tracking and reporting on project tasks.

  6. Various templates and methods.

10. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is an innovative cloud-based project management platform for businesses of all sizes. 

It provides integrated applications that enable you to manage your projects and collaborate with team members from anywhere, anytime. 

LiquidPlanner offers a wide range of resources, including document storage, time tracking tools, budgeting support, resource allocation capabilities, among other features, so it can be customized to suit the needs of a specific business or organization's workflow.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are: 

  1. Automated forecasting and scheduling for better planning.

  2. Time tracking and board-based task management system that is built-in.

  3. AI-enabled resource leveling.

  4. Reduces the risk of delivery slippages.

  5. AI analysis to assess the delay across projects and their uncertainties.

  6. Dashboard overview across projects.

11. Huddle 

Huddle is a cloud-based project management solution that lets you manage different components of projects and collaborate with other team members. 

It is a dynamic solution that bridges the gap between teams and projects. With critical features like file sharing, document version control, file request systems, Huddle provides you with all your project needs in one place for easy collaboration!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are: 

  1. Provide high security for file sharing with access control and version management

  2. Collaboration with a discussion using document and mentions’@.'

  3. Proofing and approvals

  4. Work on the task that is related to documents and discussions

  5. File management features

  6. Multi-platforms support

12. Workzone

The idea is that with a work zone, you can have the best of both worlds: clean and intuitive designs for smaller teams combined with security and power. 

WorkZones are created for small-to-medium-sized groups who need something more potent than Trello or Asana but don't require all the features in Jira or Slack.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are: 

  1. Gantt charts and Calendar

  2. Simple task lists easily manage the project task

  3. Project templates can be saved and reused later to start quickly.

  4. Manage workload across different projects

  5. Builtin time tracking and expenses

  6. Secure file sharing, comments, and approvals.

13. Wrike

Wrike is a project management software that helps teams achieve exceptional results through 360-degree visibility and simplified collaboration. 

With an online countdown timer for Pivotal Tracker, draggable Gantt charts, and tons of other features to make it easier than ever before!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. A visual dashboard that showcases project deadlines and schedules.

  2. Real-time synchronization and approvals of documents.

  3. Detailed Team progression report.

  4. Secure Sign-on, Private servers, role-based access.

  5. Client collaborations.

14. Toggl Plan 

 Toggl Plan is the perfect tool for any team that wants to make time-tracking easier. This intuitive app has robust visual planning and task management features, so you can stay on top of deadlines without getting overwhelmed. 

With Toggl plan's simple interface, your team will be able to have fun tracking their hours while also staying focused!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are: 

  1. Easy user Interface.

  2. Intuitive drag and drop.

  3. Plan timeline to plan projects.

  4. Visualized resource allocation and managed workloads.

  5. Kanban boards.

  6. Ability to plan recurring tasks. 

  7. Integrations.

15. Primavera

Oracle Primavera P6 is the perfect tool for those in all industries who need to plan and manage their project work. 

With its ability to handle large or small projects, it's a great choice no matter how big your company may be!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Increase planning efficiency 

  2. Eliminate the risk of schedule overruns

  3. It helps to identify bottlenecks and create solutions for them.

  4. Primavera Provides insight from current and future resource usage for accurate forecast and decision-making.

  5. Eliminate overallocation through leveling or changing resource assignments

  6. Secure multi-user access to schedules 

  7. Team member's interfaces for gathering status updates.

16. SmartSheet

Imagine if you could take your entire team and their tasks to the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere. That's what Smartsheet does! 

It's no-code platform integrates with a whole suite of other productivity tools like Google Drive or Slack making it super easy for anyone in any industry to create an app tailored specifically towards their needs without having IT get involved. 

The main feature are:

  1. Simple Excel and spreadsheet like interface.

  2. Dozen of customizable templates.

  3. Visualization with Gantt Chart, Board, and Calendar.

  4. Real-time dashboard.

  5. Time Tracking.

  6. Portfolio and resource management.

  7. Benefit from integration like slack and MS TEAMS etc.

17. VersionOne

VersionOne is another option targeted towards software developers, but it is even more specialized than JIRA. With a focus solely on Agile development, VersionOne is an easy choice for those who fit into its target. JIRA can easily supervise the market. 

The main feature includes:

  1. Agile and lean software development.

  2. Simple to scale.

  3. End to end visibility.

  4. Enterprise collaboration.

  5. Integrations.

  6. Executive dashboard.

  7. Defect tracking.

18. Innotas by Planview

Innotas sees the benefits of a top-down approach to project management. They use this model for enterprise solutions, which often involve complex projects that require an all-inclusive view of details to be successful. 

Innoitas' planning stage is one way they keep their clients on track and focused on critical priorities throughout each phase.

The key features of Innotas are:

  1. Project portfolio management.

  2. Cloud-based Project management.

  3. Project prioritization alignment.

  4. Resource management tools.

  5. Predictive portfolio analysis.

  6. Dashboard and reports.

  7. Project collaboration.

19. Twprojects

Twproject is the perfect tool for those who need to maximize productivity and time. 

You will have all of your files organized in one central place, with a search engine that makes it easy to find what you are looking for when presented with a creative obstacle or idea—no more fumbling through folders on your computer! 

Twproject also has an automated resource allocation feature that tracks project hours and allocates them correctly so that there is never any confusion as far as how many hours go where. 

Managers can keep tabs on employees' projects with their file-sharing options while providing helpful feedback from afar (or right next door!). Twproject keeps everything just one click away by ensuring every document lives safely within its folder without having shadow copies.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Tracking progress, forthcoming deadlines, work logs, and costs.

  2. Define and organize your team's work, prioritize, plan, and take action.

  3. Instantly check and change your teams' allocation with Twproject interactive workload.

  4. Twproject can adapt to different habits. Manage project budgets and monitor costs on the entire project's lifecycle.

  5. Multi-platform supported.

  6. The agile issue tracker.

20. Project Portfolio Office

The Project Portfolio Office team is committed to providing the best customer service possible. 

They offer free, unlimited support for all of their users and allow you to configure your software, so it's tailored specifically to your needs right out of the box with preconfigured solutions geared towards different industries that are enterprise-ready. 

And before you ask,  yes, they can handle any project no matter how large or small!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. User-friendly Interface.

  2. No upfront cost.

  3. Scalable and flexible.

  4. Methodology and governance alignment. 

  5. Planning and task management. 

  6. Resource and capacity management.

  7. Issue and risk management.

21. Project Open 

Project Open stands out from every other project management solution that we've mentioned above because it's open source. 

Project-open makes it the most flexible option out there as not only are there plenty of customized versions to choose from, you can also literally go into the code and edit the program yourself (as long as you have programming chops). 

The only downside is that like all projects based on an open-source software platform, Project Open has a small but significant learning curve, so make sure your team is up for educating themselves before jumping in head first with this one.

The main feature that makes it suitable for enterprise project management are:

  1. Keeps track of project plans, project progress, budgets, costs, risks, milestones.

  2. Save time and money by automating your reporting.

  3. Be a more productive team member with automated reports.

  4. Achieve greater efficiency by eliminating old-fashioned data entry.

  5. Increase visibility into projects with automatic executive reports.

  6. address the specific needs of IT departments and IT service providers, according to ITIL V3 best practices.

  7. Track and bill professional service.

22. Target Process

Targetprocess is a business project management software designed to be easy for any user, as it focuses on visual presentation. 

Target processes also have integrations with other platforms and functions like slack so you can stay up-to-date on your work no matter what device or program you're using at the time. 

Targetprocess helps to have an engaging interface, ensuring new users will find their way around quickly without extensive training beforehand! 

Alongside this focus, they provide features such as: having integrations with other programs, such as slack, which allows them to get updates from both teams in one place!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Accessible communication Via Email Sharing, Mentions, share views.

  2. Custom workflows, team workflow, custom terms.

  3. Multi-platform support.

  4. Team Iterations.

  5. Multi-language support.

  6. Progress tracking and custom graphical reports.

  7. Kanban.

23. Entry

TeamHeadquarters has a Project Portal for customers to keep up-to-date on their project status. 

It's easy with built-in features like tickets and tasks, plus you can assign work easily! 

With TeamHeadquarters' automated scheduling and reporting systems, it is easier than ever to stay updated without extra effort.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Self Service portals.

  2. Resource management.

  3. Task Management.

  4. Financial management.

  5. Status Updates and email updates.

  6. Issue management.

24. Daptiv PPM (Changepoint PPM)

Daptiv is a software that offers the perfect solution for those who want to make work-related processes more efficient. 

The program has many features, including DeskDocs, where you can upload any file from your computer and have it automatically uploaded on Daptiv. It also includes tracking tools, so no essential tasks would ever slip by unnoticed! 

The most exciting feature offered by Daptiv might be DeskDocs—this will allow users with access privileges to attach files or comment on them instantly without going through the traditional emailing protocol (or logging into their domain). 

But there's even better news: Daptit comes packed full of useful functions like project tracker capabilities and resource allocation options that add new layers.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. People and strategy portfolio.

  2. Project portfolio management and analysis.

  3. Demand Portfolio management.

  4. Reporting and dashboard.

  5. Time and expense management.

  6. Risk management.

  7. Project collaboration.

25. EPMlive by IgniteTech

EPM Live is a cloud-based software solution for project management that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Sharepoint and Outlook. 

EPMLive has all the features you would expect from an enterprise system, including security tools to protect sensitive data, document archiving, budget estimates, tracking productivity, detailed timeline reports. 

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities.

  2. Track and manage projects and work associated costs.

  3. Management visibility into projects.

  4. Leverage expanded business intelligence.


Monday is a work operating system (Work OS) that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence, anxiety-free. 

It's intuitive but straightforward; it works for every team. 

Monday was built by people who understand the needs of modern organizations. You can shape your workflow in seconds—adjust when needed without breaking anything or making any mistakes. 

With Monday, creating transparency doesn't have to be difficult either because all data will automatically sync throughout your collaboration network, so everyone stays up-to-date on project status at all times—no more manual grunt work required! 

There are many features available through this software, such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards which allow users to see their progress visually from

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Kanban.

  2. Calendar.

  3. Timeline.

  4. Gantt.

  5. Communication.

  6. Security.

  7. Multi-platform support.

 27. GeniusProject

Genius Project helps you keep track of your projects' progress always to be sure about the status. 

The program lets you see where a company's project portfolio is at any given time, and Genius has an easy-to-use interface which means it won't take much effort for anyone in charge to use!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Cloud-based and on-premise functionality.

  2. Easy deployment.

  3. Flexible configuration.

  4. Integrations.

  5. Enterprise-Grade security.

  6. OBS Support.

28. ITM Platforms 

ITM Platform is a multifaceted project management tool that organizes and manages your projects from start to finish. 

ITM provides tools for every part of the process, including planning tasks, assigning resources, controlling costs and revenues, managing risks, and all documentation. 

Integrations include Slack integration with Jira or Teambot; Zapier's account allows you to integrate additional integrations like Google Drive/Docs or Mailchimp into your workflow seamlessly!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Portfolio and programs.

  2. Align Strategy With Execution.

  3. Integration and API.

  4. Classic and Agile.

  5. Resource Management.

29. Project Insight 

Project Insight is an excellent fit for enterprise-level companies that need top-of-the-line customer service and training resources. 

They have a fantastic team that responds to customers' needs in time and many online tutorials and documentation that anyone from a novice can download to the experienced user level.

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Customize and integrate

  2. Project Initiation 

  3. Automation and approvals

  4. Expenses calculation 

  5. Issues resolver

  6. Dashboard

  7. Project planning, scheduling, and resource management

30. nTask

nTask is a newcomer in the field, but it has already made waves. 

Its intuitive software design that's easy on the eyes and simple to use makes it an appealing alternative for start-ups, solopreneurs, or even enterprises. 

nTask also offers new features like AI as well so you can always stay ahead of your competition!

The main feature that makes it an Enterprise PM toolkit are:

  1. Task & Project Management

  2. Risk Management

  3. Issue Management

  4. Time Management

  5. Resource Management

  6. Meeting Management

I hope you've enjoyed reading about the best Enterprise Project Management Software. Our goal is to help companies improve their project management and workflow with tools that will make your life easier.

So if there's anything else we can offer or any questions, feel free to comment below!