Top 15 System Management Software to Organise Your Business

Top 15 System Management Software to Organise Your Business

System management software means you purchase one solution for all your needs rather than have multiple solutions for different parts of your business. If you are interested in learning more about how these systems work or want to know what other benefits there are, continue reading!

The primary reason to have a system management software is to:

  1. Centrally organize and manage IT assets in minutes

  2. Get the latest updates Furthermore, our software to continue without interruption

  3. Invite new employees onto the network with just a few clicks of your mouse

  4. Centralize critical and decisions, policies, and procedures so you can spend less time searching for documentation

Some of the best applications that are readily available are:

1. Solarwind's System Management Product Suite

SolarWinds Systems Management Bundle is a system monitoring bundle that includes four different tools: SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor, and the powerful Web Performance Monitoring tool. 

These tools are all automated to monitor your infrastructure and applications throughout your network automatically with real-time dashboard performance for instant updates of any issues in near real-time.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Visual Dashboard

  2. Drill-down stack

  3. Web monitoring, including servers

  4. System administration tools

  5. Solarwind's System Management Covers both services and servers.

  6. Database Performace Analyser

  7. Storage resource monitoring

  8. Network configuration manager

2. N-able RMM

The system monitors networks, servers, endpoints, mobile devices, and applications to ensure that your IT environment runs smoothly. It includes extensive systems management facilities, including task automation for regular maintenance jobs and problem resolution during incidents. 

The capability of the software service also extends into network discovery which allows you to inventory documentation tracking PLLs (powerline LAN) in and access to it for data security standards requirements. With this service, companies can monitor and manage their own IT without providing server space or processing power.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Best IT department and MSPs

  2. It helps in organizing IT assets

  3. Proper data management 

  4. Task automation

  5. System Monitoring

  6. Scalability

  7. Proactive alerting 

  8. Self-healing capabilities

3. Ninja RMM

NinjaRMM is the perfect solution for maintaining your company's IT infrastructure and ensuring flawless uptime. With a single account, you can oversee all of your client sites at once while still providing unparalleled customer service. 

NinjaRMM includes an onboarding system that assigns standard configurations and software profiles that can automate the setup of devices in bulk or individually. Other management systems for endpoints include patch and update management as well as license management. 

If new devices are connected to the network or uninstalled, NinjaRMM automatically detects and updates your asset inventory. It then alerts an operator of any changes in system events and activity on the web.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Automatic discovery of network

  2. Asset Inventory management

  3. Task automation

  4. Remote access

  5. Patch Management

  6. Self-service Portal

  7. Security

  8. Reporting and platform administration

4. Syxsense Manage 

Syxsense Manage is a cloud-based endpoint management system that will supervise computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux. Monitored devices don't all have to be on the same site, thanks to their new features in SyxSense's latest update of SYXSENSE MANAGE. 

Syxsense is a Cloud application; therefore can be accessed from anywhere Syxsense is a simple, elegant solution for logging and managing your logs. With the help of their system's audit trail, you can be sure to have all compliance needs to be taken care of- from SOX requirements to HIPAA and PCI DSS regulations. 

SyxSense also offers disk space with every plan, which allows them to store installation scripts and other data on an included private allocation within the price of each service package Sysense manages all activities. Those records provide an audit trail that is pivotal for SOX, Hippah, and PCI DSST compliance.

 Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Endpoint management 

  2. Patch development 

  3. Simple and Powerful

  4. OS and software patching

  5. Cloud storage included

5. Site 24*7

Site24x7 is a cloud-based platform of monitoring tools that includes site uptime, server maintenance, and security. In addition, they have packages aimed at specific needs, such as website monitoring or application performance monitor (APM). 

These bundles include individual monitors like Website Monitoring to keep track of your company's presence on the internet to increase customer satisfaction through fast loading times without pesky bugs getting in the way. All plans have some overlap, but the website monitoring features are present in all of them. 

The Application Performance Monitor and Infrastructure plan both include modules that look very similar. For example, they share a module for web performance testing, which is only available on one other package: Website Monitoring. In addition, site24x7 offers a Log Management module that collects Windows Events and Syslog messages and the log messages put out by many applications. 

Finally, the system includes features to sort, filter, group records into reports for analysis in its data viewer.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Website monitoring

  2. Server, network, and application monitoring

  3. Status alerts

  4. Application performance

  5. Real user Monitoring

  6. Cloud cost management

  7. Public status pages

  8. RMM for MSPs and CSPs

6. ManageEngine Desktop Central; remote

ManageEngine Desktop Central is a product that gives you all the tools necessary to manage your endpoint fleet. The software's system management functions include device discovery, patch management, and software inventory tracking for companies looking at improving their IT infrastructure without breaking any bank accounts. 

In addition, desktop Central is a great way to organize your desktop and mobile devices. You can view device details, remote control them from the web or an app, monitor security threats, and more!

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Patch management 

  2. Software Deployment

  3. Mobile Device Management

  4. Endpoint security

  5. OS imaging and Deployment

  6. IT asset management

  7. Remote Control

  8. Modern management

7. Paessler PRTG Network Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor is a powerful network monitoring tool that can monitor and analyze your infrastructure and traffic patterns. PRTG's dashboard includes real-time visualizations, including dials, maps, and charts to help you understand how your business data is flowing over the networks. 

The extensive capabilities of the PRTG Network Monitor allow for monitoring mail servers, web servers, database-specific sensors, and much more. With its diverse set of unique sensors like MySQL Database Server Sensor to monitor databases that others cannot see, like Oracle SQL or Microsoft SQL on your network, you can't go wrong with this program!

The advanced server monitoring features in PRTG are especially beneficial for keeping up with today's technology advancements. The intuitive interface is easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for professionals too. Thus, making sure even those who don't know how a computer works will be able to use this software effectively without needing assistance from IT specialists every time they have an issue arise and solve their problems so they won't.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. System Monitoring

  2. Network Discovery

  3. Status Alert 

  4. Easy to use solutions

  5. Monitor Device traffic

8. ManageEngine Application Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is a valuable tool for the modern IT infrastructure. With this system, you will be able to monitor both on-premises and cloud resources and track your implementation of virtual infrastructures while mapping out applications that serve an organization. 

The Application features include tracking essential services necessary in any business, such as DNS management or file servers. The Applications Manager is the new kid on the block and monitors cloud services to keep your data safe. 

While monitoring virtual servers and storage facilities across vast distances of space, it also provides tools for testing websites so you can make sure everything's running all day smoothly!

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Patch management

  2. Software Deployment 

  3. Mobile device management

  4. Endpoint security

  5. Remote control

  6. Modern management

9. Nagios XI 

Nagios XI is a powerful tool for any network administrator. With customizable dashboards that give you complete control over monitoring and an array of displays to choose from, including graphs and maps, this utility will help ensure your network never falls victim to downtime again. 

Features like automated capacity planning graphs keep you aware of the status of your current systems. Scheduling reports will help you ensure that your usage requirements don't exhaust resources and put you out of action. Nagios XI is an excellent product because it's extensible. 

There are APIs for integrating with external applications and plugins developed by the community on Nagios Exchange that can help you customize your monitoring experience even more!

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring

  2. Performance monitoring

  3. Entire IT Visibility

  4. Proactive planning and awareness

  5. Customizability

  6. Ease of use

  7. Multi-Tenant Capabilities

  8. Extendable Architecture

10. Zabbix

Zabbix is a comprehensive platform for monitoring all your applications and servers. Get critical insights on network health, bandwidth usage, configuration changes, or any of the other myriad things you can watch with Zabbix's many visualization options. In addition, you can have a tailored setup towards Cisco, Dell, Intel, Juniper Networks, and more with templates. 

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Free

  2. Automated IT asset management

  3. Adaptable with Free add ons

11. OP5 Monitor

OP5 Monitor is a highly customizable open-source network monitor that can automatically discover devices connected to your network and provide information about their performance. There are also preconfigured templates for many popular vendors, reducing the need for manual configuration. 

With the help of Alert Central, you can configure your alerts and notifications for any resources in demand. For example, if crucial network or database performance metrics run low on disk space or CPU load is unusually high. A notification will notify you immediately. Reports are a great way to keep track of your network and have even more insight into it. 

Reports offer the ability to analyze data at different levels, such as alert summary reports that show you what has been happening with alerts over time or availability reports that take in all activity on an interface for specific intervals, so nothing is missed. Some beneficial features include exporting these files as PDFs or CSV (comma-separated values) documents if necessary. 

In addition, reports allow you further analysis of your network activity from various perspectives, including Alert Summary Reporting, Availability Report Reporting, SLA reporting, etc. Again, these can be exported either in pdf format or CSV file designs depending upon needs.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Unparalleled Scalability in distributed environments

  2. Customizability

  3. One Unified View

  4. API monitoring

  5. SNMP network monitoring

  6. Network performance

12. KACE System Management Appliances

KACE Systems Management Appliance was recently ranked number 1 in New Zealand and is now available to customers worldwide. It automatically detects when a device falls out of compliance with company policies, ensuring you don't have any surprises from IT-related issues that are resolved by someone else. 

KACE Systems Management Appliance has been ranked number one in New Zealand for its ability to ensure your computers are running at optimum performance while keeping up-to-date on software licenses and inventory records. With Kace's automatic detection features, it will notify users whenever an issue arises so they can get back into compliance quickly and efficiently before anyone notices. 

In addition, the platform gives you more visibility and allows you to perform tasks like vulnerability scans and patching. Checking for vulnerabilities and remotely patching devices saves you time, reduces vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit, alerts notify about performance events.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Inventory and IT asset management

  2. Software distribution

  3. Patch management and security

  4. Software license management

  5. Chromebook management

  6. Service desk

  7. Server management and monitoring and much more

13. ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate is a revolutionary tool that takes the tedium out of server management and frees up your time to concentrate on more important things. ConnectWise Automate automatically discovers devices so that you can monitor them remotely in real-time with secure remote control sessions. 

This way, you can automate tasks across entire infrastructures while also monitoring user activity for compliance reasons like auditing requirements or troubleshooting root cause analyses. ConnectWise Automate is a platform that combines infrastructure monitoring with automation capabilities, so you can easily monitor your environment and be compliant. 

Connected devices are automatically discovered, while remote control sessions let you record all activity for efficient auditing purposes. Systems patching is one of the most valuable features included with ConnectWise Automate. With this nifty feature, you can remotely access Windows devices and perform various tasks more efficiently.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. System Inventory Management 

  2. Automated Patching

  3. Performance And security monitoring 

14. Opsgenie by Atlassian 

Alerts are essential, but it's easy to get lost in the all-too-familiar haze of information overload. If you want better control and more transparency over your notifications--and a less invasive way to stay informed about incidents that matter most--you need the Opsgenie Incident Management Platform. 

Understand what matters by prioritizing alerts with this app; if an urgent situation arises, Opsgenie notifies according to their severity level, so no surprises are waiting when something goes wrong - or worse!

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Actionable and reliable alerting

  2. On-call Management And escalations

  3. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  4. Communication and collaboration

  5. Service aware Incident Management

15. Opmantek 

The Patch Management and Log Monitor tool are powerful, easy-to-use monitoring software that enables you to monitor all network traffic in real-time. 

The high-performance auditing tools of this product allow for the detailed logging of activities on your networks so they can be used later as evidence against threats such as spam or malware attacks. In addition, this simple interface makes it quick and painless to deploy across multiple servers with just one click!

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Operates at high Scale

  2. Fast to implement

  3. Discover and manage anything

  4. Built-in Flexibility

  5. Discover and manage 

  6. Operate in Diverse Environment

  7. Loved by MSPs and Telcos

16. Progress WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold gives a full-spectrum approach to IT monitoring that ranges from the applications themselves up through your organization's various systems. WhatsUp is an application performance management platform compatible with Linux servers, Microsoft IIS, and Apache websites. 

You can customize your experience with pre-existing profiles from inside the application and generate custom ones for a perfect fit. Whatsup Gold helps maintain high standards that keep users returning, again and again, to get in touch with us. 

In addition, WhatsUp Gold enables you to create dashboards that can be used for quick identification and resolution of issues. For those who want a downloadable version, please fill out the contact form below to provide access to the installation file.

Key Highlights of this system Management Software are:

  1. Network Availability and Performance Monitoring

  2. Simple, Integrated Log Management

  3. Monitor applications, Bandwidth, cloud

  4. Monitor network performance, Virtual Environment, wireless network

  5. Integrate and automate API 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with one of the best System Management software. If you have any questions while reading this blog post or want more information on our products and services, feel free to ask us in the comment section below! We're always happy to help out. 

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