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Instantly discover, optimize, and manage your software application stack with Zluri.

Discover unapproved software and apps

It’s crucial to know who your application users are – what they use and how much of it is critical.

  • Zluri equips you to bring shadow IT to light while continuously discovering and categorizing cloud apps.

Optimize overall application spends

Are unused subscriptions, underutilized applications, and service duplication messing up budget allocation?

  • Zluri helps you to proactively monitor and manage related application spend.

Simplify and streamline renewals

A clear 360-degree view of renewals is important to maximize opportunities and ensure business continuity.

  • Zluri automates your end-to-end application renewal management journey.

Automate Security Alerts

With security threats evolving fast,cross-platform security orchestration can be a lifesaver for organizations.

  • Zluri makes it a breeze to scale your ability to safeguard the application ecosystem.

Negotiate Renewals

Buying and renewing application is a pain. Without the right data, it’s worse.

  • Zluri offers the best buying, negotiation, and management service with guaranteed savings for your software application subscriptions.

Take control of your cross-platform application stack

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