Unified access management for the modern enterprise

One platform that finally consolidates access control throughout the entire user lifecycle,
covering federated, unfederated, and shadow apps

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How it works:

Step 1
Discover Access Fabric

Full visibility into who has access to what apps

Step 2
Define access controls

Set policies that dictate how access is managed

Step 3
Automate user lifecycle

Run user provisioning on auto-pilot

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Access management is fractured & broken

More than one-third of attacks are due to overprivileged access*

Fragmented access causes security risks due to the presence of unsanctioned apps and over-privileged users

*Source: IDSA

Centralized, granular access control for all apps

Get complete visibility into who has access, and enable granular, automated user provisioning across federated & unfederated apps

access fabric
SCIM apps
Non-SCIM apps
all access
Zero-touch onboarding
Secure user deprovisioning
Automate access requests
Access beyond SCIM
Zluri sourcing

Control access for all federated, unfederated & shadow apps

Zero-touch onboarding

Grant access to all birthright and role-specific apps on Day 1 with zero-touch onboarding triggered from HRMS lifecycle events

Secure user deprovisioning

Securely auto-revoke access for departing employees. Go beyond disabling SSO with extensive & granular offboarding

Automate access requests with Slack

Reduce ticket volumes and streamline access requests with self-service approval workflows that run on Slack

Access beyond SCIM

Break through traditional IAM and SCIM limitations by leveraging our API connectors to automate access for 200+ apps

Why Zluri is the right fit for IT & IAM teams

Breadth of apps & actions

A cloud native platform with over 200+ OOTB integrations & 2500+ actions

Granular access control

Go beyond role and group based access & assign the right user entitlements

Easy, no-code workflows

Zluri makes it effortless to create and run access workflows in no time

Find out how many hours you save with Zluri

Save significant man-hours on manual onboarding and offboarding-related tasks with Zluri