Save time & reduce risk with automated access reviews

Transition from painstakingly manual reviews, inaccurate user and permission lists, to fully automated access reviews and remediation in one platform

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How it works:

Step 1
Get access visibility

Uncover who has access
to what

Step 2
Review user access

Automate user access reviews in one place

Step 3
Remediate risky accounts

Auto-revoke all over-permissive access

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Stop wondering, “Who has access to what?”

80% of identity breaches involve privileged access misuse*

IT and security teams have limited access visibility, leading to error-prone, manual reviews

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*Source: Verizon

Uncover access risk with complete visibility

Zluri brings exhaustive and accurate identity and entitlement data from all your apps in one place

access misconfigurations
Finance systems
SaaS apps
ITSM & dev tools
Put compliance
on auto-pilot
Surface all risks
Streamline reviews
Generate reports
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Why Zluri is the right fit for IT & security teams

100% access visibility

Zluri gives everyone full visibility into who has access to what apps and entitlements

Effortless, easy-to use

Zluri is cloud-native, enabling out-of-the-box integrations and a frictionless end-to-end user experience


Powerful revocation workflows to auto-remove high-risk accounts instantly

Untangle audit complexity & streamline reviews

Fully automated access reviews

Create a unified review experience for all apps and stakeholders. Streamline and accelerate the process with flexible workflows, bulk actions, and more..

Contextualize reviews with risk intelligence

Provide every reviewer with accurate, real-time insights on the most high-risk user accounts that require immediate action

Auto-remediate overprivileged access

Secure immediate threats with powerful auto-remediation that instantly deprovisions or downgrades user access after a review

Accelerate compliance with audit-ready reports

Keep auditors happy with audit-ready reports that are delivered automatically to your inbox to accelerate compliance

Save considerable time and cost on reviews

Eliminate the manual effort of access reviews and stay audit-ready