Breeze through SOX audits with automated access reviews

Accelerate SOX compliance with fully automated access reviews. Bring together siloed financial and identity systems, review users, roles and privileges, & auto-remediate high-risk access - all in one single platform

Streamline and automate access reviews for SOX

Simplify SOX compliance

Save hundreds of hours and effort spent on manually reconciling and attesting data from multiple sources

OOTB integrations

Simple, fast integrations with finance, HRIS, identity providers, and critical SaaS apps

Audit-ready reports

Keep auditors happy with audit-ready reports & full audit trails delivered to their inbox

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Complete visibility into who has what level of access

Get complete visibility into apps, users, roles, and privileges across multiple systems and apps

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Automate and centralize SOX access reviews

Streamline the entire audit process from creating certifications to reviewing user accounts, saving considerable time and manual effort

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Identify over-permissive access with risk intelligence

Risk intelligence instantly identifies users with overprivileged or sensitive access (Admins on financial tools) enabling you to take action & de-risk critical data

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Auto-remediate user access after an audit

Secure immediate risks with powerful auto-remediation for all in-scope apps from one single platform that deprovisions or downgrades user access

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Provide proof of compliance with audit reports

Generate time-stamped reports that demonstrate proof of actions taken on over-privileged accounts and their subsequent revocation

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Setup SOX-proof access governance & controls

Enforce access controls using policy-driven workflows that automatically provision or de-provision access according to the user lifecycle

Stop dreading SOX season. Streamline audits with Zluri