Connect Your Applications Directly with Zluri Integration

Through Zluri Integration, you get deep insights on users, apps usage, and spend.

Get More Out Of Your SaaS Apps

Get the best value for your money by connecting over 500+ SaaS apps in the Zluri Integration library.

SSO Integration

Connect Zluri with your Identity management platforms like Okta and OneLogin to gain granular control over your SaaS applications, manage users, and give/revoke permissions for all the applications.

Finance Integration

Get rid of manual financial audits of your SaaS apps. Instead, use Zluri to connect your accounting and reimbursement apps like Expensify to get visibility into all the SaaS spend.

CASBs Integrations

Connect Zluri with CASBs like Microsoft Cloud App Security to discover shadow IT, cross-reference network activities, and identify potential security issues with SaaS apps.

Direct Integration
Get insights on your SaaS apps usage through Direct Integration. Discard unused, underused, or apps with overlapping functionality and save up to 45% of your SaaS cost.
Zluri Agents
Browser Extensions
Get a comprehensive SaaS mapping through Zluri's Browser Extensions.
Desktop Agents
Surface your SaaS landscape with 100% accuracy through Zluri's Desktop agents.

Connect with 500+ apps to instantly manage and optimize your software application stack