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Go from SaaS chaos to SaaS control.
Discover and manage every app, optimize costs & unify SaaS contracts.

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How it works:

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Discover all apps

Get 100% visibility with powerful discovery

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Map contracts & spend

Centralize SaaS spend & licenses

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Optimize costs & save

Save costs with usage-based optimization

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Shadow IT is a bigger threat than ever before

80% of SaaS is outside of IT’s purview*

Shadow IT creeps into every corner of your tech landscape with limited visibility leading to potential risks.

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*Source: Gartner

Unparalleled visibility & control built on powerful discovery

Get a holistic view of your landscape by integrating with identity platforms, directories, HRMS tools, and various apps to take complete control of SaaS

all your apps
Custom apps
Finance apps
Direct apps
360° SaaS visibility
Prevent Shadow IT
Optimize costs
Manage contracts
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Discover, optimize & manage every SaaS app

360° visibility into all apps, users & spend

Always keep an eye on every app, whether new or old, in your environment. Monitor access, changes in user activity, active licenses, and spending

Optimize costs & auto-reclaim unused licenses

Generate 30% or more savings by analyzing SaaS usage data to identify and automatically reclaim unused, inactive, or underused licenses

Centralize SaaS contracts, vendors & spend

Stay on top of budgets with a unified view of SaaS contracts, vendors, and renewals, making timely spending decisions

Secure apps with threat analysis & audit logs

Continuously monitor your risk by tracking app-specific threat scores, data shared with third parties, and global security events

Why Zluri is the right fit for modern IT

100% discovery

Reveal every app in your SaaS landscape with the most powerful discovery engine

Largest app catalog

Achieve maximum SaaS control by leveraging 800+ out-of-the-box, and secure integrations

Future-proof IT

Adapt to ever-evolving SaaS environments with unified governance across access, cost, and compliance

Real ROI on your SaaS investments

Get ROI from Day 1. Learn how much you can save today with Zluri