We are responsible for your data security and privacy!

At Zluri, securing your data is our foremost priority. We work with some of the world’s leading authorities on security to constantly keep our security infrastructure updated. Read more about our security architecture and compliance practices in the comprehensive whitepaper below.


Security and Compliance

Our compliance and certifications

We work to meet each of our compliance requirements while helping your business achieve compliance as well.

SOC 2 Type II

ISO 27001 ISMS


Infrastructure and processes that
keeps your data intact

SSO controls

Zluri enables you to set up SAML-based authentication for your access into Zluri with other popular providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure and G Suite. Also it uses the industry standard platform - Auth0 for authentication and authorization services.

Data Classification

You can control the data that your employees can access through Zluri. To attain maximum value from Zluri’s data analytics, it requests access to your employee PII like employee first name, last name, corporate email address, office location, and phone number.

Third-party audits and penetration testing

We engage in third-party audits for conducting penetration tests, that is done by replicating the most malicious hacking attacks and strategies.

End to End Encryption

Zluri encrypts all the sensitive data that is in rest and in transit using strong and secure encryption algorithms.

Auditable logs

Zluri presents you with comprehensive and auditable logs of key activities to keep you informed.

Customized Agreements

Zluri offers business associate agreements (BAAs) or custom T&Cs as needed.

Data Retention and Removal

All your data is stored in an encrypted state, backed up to 60 days. All the collected customer data, such as SaaS-app usage metrics, will be retained indefinitely unless requested to be removed by you.

Our DPA and MSA

Zluri’s MSA and DPA norms are supported by the people, processes, and technology necessary to protect customer personal data in compliance with legal and contractual obligations for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Role-Based Access Controls

Zluri is pre-configured with several roles that enable different levels of access to different aspects of the platform. This includes control of financial data, specific apps, or user management.

Go from SaaS chaos to SaaS governance with Zluri