Our comprehensive approach to security

All-encompassing security is a product principle at Zluri. Everything we build has customer privacy and security at the center.

Deep dive into Zluri’s security

Learn more about our security and compliance practices, architecture & built-in guardrails by reading our in-depth whitepaper

The best PII Privacy & Security in SaaS Management

The best
PII Privacy & Security in SaaS Management

Zluri leads the industry with pioneering PII privacy measures, seamlessly integrating near end-to-end encryption and BYOK, granting customers complete control over their sensitive data. Learn more from our deep-dive whitepaper

data security whitepaper

An overview of our security measures

Secure data infrastructure

1. Zluri leverages AWS’s comprehensive infrastructure and cloud data storage

2. We practice transparent data and customer metadata processing enforced by a Data Processing agreement

A first in PII privacy

Zluri is the first ever SaaS Management platform to introduce a secure PII privacy vault with near end-to-end encryption that enhances Zero-Trust

Iron-clad security framework

Zluri conducts regular third-party audits and penetration testing to ensure robustness of the platform

Each Zluri employee undergoes a rigorous background verification & mandatory security training

Air-tight access control

Zluri provides authentication methods through SSO, MFA & IP Whitelisting support that ensures users can securely login on company managed networks

Compliance and Trust

Zluri’s focus has always been on a customer’s right to privacy and we strictly adhere to all industrial & global security compliance standards. Important compliance attestations include GDPR, SOC2 and PCI DSS


What data does Zluri process?
Zluri only processes in-scope data from connected systems approved by the customer, in alignment with a signed DPA (Data processing agreement)
What data privacy measures does Zluri employ?
Zluri is the first SaaS management platform that uses a 'PII data privacy vault' to securely encrypt data at rest and transit
Where can I find the list of data subprocessors?
You can navigate to Zluri's Trust center to see the most recent list of data subprocessors.
Is Zluri GDPR & SOC2 compliant?
Yes. You can find Zluri's latest Compliance certifications on this page or navigate to the Trust Center

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