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  • 360° Access Visibility

  • Automated access reviews

  • Audit-proof compliance reports


What sets Zluri apart

Built for the cloud

Built for the cloud

Zluri is a cloud-native solution for the modern enterprise

Security Co-pilot

Security Co-pilot

Stay on top of access risks with real-time alerts from our AI co-pilot

Deep Integrations

Deep Integrations

Zluri directly integrates with 800+ apps to bring complete context into access

Why modern security teams choose Zluri over Okta

Cloud Readiness
Cloud Readiness


  • API first integrations

  • No code, fast connectors

  • Complex, slow integrations

  • Mostly SCIM

Multi-instance compatibility

  • Zluri merges identity & access from multi-systems & instances

  • Limited to specific identity systems

Ease of configuration

  • Simple stepwise self-service setup

  • Complex setup and configuration

Identity Lifecycle
Identity Lifecycle


  • Easy, no-code

  • High configuration flows


  • 2000+ actions

  • API & SCIM

  • 700+ actions


  • Automatic, trigger based

  • Multiple revoke options

  • Weak deprovisioning

  • Limited triggers

Entitlement management

200+ Apps

50+ Apps

AI-powered automation

Access Governance
Access Governance
100% visibility

Role information

  • System specific role and permission information

  • Role info is based on semi-standard definitions

Shadow IT

Service accounts

Access anomalies

  • AI-based alerts on high risk, erroneous access

Rule-based violations

User activity


Orphaned accounts

Access Reviews
Access Reviews

Certification scheduling

Compliance reports

  • Instant audit proof reports for SOC2, SOX and HIPAA



  • Wide range of access revocation & deprovisioning

  • Limited to specific access disabling actions

Access Requests
Access Requests

App store experience

Policy based approvals

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