Unburden IT. Automate access requests

Cut support times in half. Deploy seamless, end-to-end self-service for access requests with Slack automation & powerful workflows

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Slack first experience

Boost employee experience & streamline by facilitating the access request process entirely on Slack without any context switching or mail threads

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Policy engine for approvals

Build custom policies with multi-step approvals for critical applications, that automatically streamlines app requisition & fulfillment

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Automated provisioning

Ensure any employee automatically gets the right level of access to the requested applications when approvals are met

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Audit-proof logs for tracking

Keep a close eye on requests that come in as well approvals that have been issued to audit for any lapses & ensure least privilege

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Extensive app catalog for employees

Employees will have access to a catalog of over 225,000+ applications to request from powered by a powerful built-in database

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