Secure your extended workforce with third-party access management

Prevent contractors, non-employee identities from having over-permissive access and ensure least privilege

Discover and govern all contractor acounts

Discover accounts

Study how vulnerable your external employees’ access landscape is

Rightsize permissions

Revoke over-privileged accesses and bring security risks under control

Define policies

Set access management workflows and monitor access approvals in real time

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Discover which apps third-party contractors have access to

Get 360-degree access visibility into which critical org-level applications are currently being used by contractors and third-party vendors

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Ensure least privilege and auto-remediate risky access

Assign only the necessary access to third-party workers with fine-grained permissions to prevent security risk & deprovision high-risk users in clicks

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Streamline non-employee onboarding & offboarding

Automate provisioning and deprovisioning of the right applications with the right level of access to the right vendors at the right time

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Create multi-step approval workflows for contractors

Streamline the process of granting access to non-employee identities through approval policies and workflows using Slack notifications

Go from SaaS chaos to SaaS governance