Extend SaaS operations & control. Adapt to Fit

Bridge the gap between off-the-shelf integrations and siloed apps and data with APIs that extend Zluri’s capabilities & your control over SaaS.

Manage SaaS  beyond  the shelf of 800+ integrations

Extend Zluri

Expand Control

Enable zero-touch

Dive deeper into Zluri APIs


Govern internal & external applications

  • Connect to any internal or external app

  • Mange your app licences and users

  • Consolidate all SaaS in Zluri


Establish a zero-touch sync with your CLM

  • Seamlessly Connect Zluri to your CLM

  • Automate contract flows & syncs

  • Upload and link documents hands-free

Manage Zluri without logging in

  • Frictionless actions that reduce effort

  • Pull detailed application reports

  • Modify admin roles and permissions


Power SaaS extensibility and control with Zluri