Integrate and sync data from any app with Zluri Open APIs

Bridge the gap between off-the-shelf integrations and siloed apps and data with APIs that extend Zluri’s capabilities & your control over SaaS

Manage SaaS beyond our 800+ off-the-shelf integrations

Connect any app

Integrate with internal and custom apps using Zluri's built-in iPaaS engine

Expand capabilities

Build custom integrations that helps expand your control over SaaS

Break API limits

Fetch data from apps regardless of app tier or API availability

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Establish zero-touch sync with CLMs

Seamlessly connect to your CLM & expense systems to automate contract flows and upload documents hands-free

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Maintain up-to-date employee records

Automatically sync employee details from any HR source and avoid manual file imports/exports to ensure a real-time, single source of truth for all employee information

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Get a holistic view of all SaaS data

Achieve complete visibility by accessing data beyond what standard APIs send. Uncover new insights from previously hidden app data

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Sync data from hybrid environments

​​Connect to legacy on-prem systems like ERPs and AD through Zluri Open APIs. Sync critical data from isolated systems and eliminate data silos

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Manage Zluri without logging in

Perform administrative actions such as pulling app reports or modifying access controls without having to log in to Zluri

Discover 800+ integrations on the Zluri catalog