Why 100% app discovery is vital for a powerful SaaS Management Platform?

Organizations use a plethora of SaaS apps. Zluri’s robust SMP provides 100% discoverability to identify redundant, unused, and underutilized apps.

Zluri's Smart App Discovery

Zluri uses multiple powerful discovery methods to trace out the SaaS apps present in your SaaS landscape, offering you a granular view. Stay up to date on apps that are being used and left idle to take relevant actions.

Connecting with SSO and ID Providers

Zluri can trace out the app users, their departments, hierarchy, and the type of application.

Smart Application Discovery

Dive deep on the discovery methods used by Zluri

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Benefits of Smart App Discovery

Eliminate Shadow IT in its Roots

Discover unauthorized apps running in your organization and act on them.

Get real-time app insights

Know who has purchased an app, who its users are, and how frequently it's used.

Deprovision the unused/underused apps

Identify the idle and least used apps from your SaaS landscape and discard them right away to cut off the excessive SaaS spend.

Stay compliant with the industry standards

Know whether all the apps present in your SaaS landscape meet the industry-wide compliance standards before the audit date.

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