Automate employee onboarding & offboarding

Unlike generic templates that are difficult to use, Zluri does all the heavy lifting to give you purpose-built workflows—so that you get an easy-to-use, intuitive UI.

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Effortless, powerful workflows

Automation engine

Save time on configuration effort with a variety of automation rules & triggers


Leverage smart search & suggestions to quickly select the right apps for the right workflows

No code playbooks

Create playbooks using simple drag-and-drop controls that speed up on/offboarding setups

Hassle-free onboarding on Day 1

When new joiners need to wait for weeks to get access to the tools they need to do their job, it causes frustration and affects productivity. Instead, give them everything they need on day one

Contextual apps recommendations

Get suggestions based on the joining employee's department and role—and do away with generic templates

Intelligent in-app suggestions

Add employees to channels, groups, or projects they will be working on based on intelligent suggestions. Zluri goes beyond app-level suggestions

How it Works

Based on the users' apps usage, Zluri recommends apps with high accuracy that your new joiner will require

Swift and secure offboarding

Depart your employees without wasting time on a long offboarding process—and protect your data by deprovisioning them from all the apps they were using

Secure Deprovisioning from All Apps

Revoke access from all the apps the employee has access to rather than just your SSO or Google Workspace, and secure your data from unauthorised access

Streamline data retrieval and reassignment

Before terminating the licences of an employee, Zluri takes a backup of data in those apps so that you can transfer it to a new owner

How it Works

Zluri ensures proper offboarding takes place each time through a 3 step process: retrieval, revoke and reassign

Experience the most powerful onboarding and offboarding workflows