Unify & manage SaaS contracts

Automate contract uploads and app renewal notifications. Study license utilization patterns and adjust procurements accordingly.

Consolidate contracts & reconcile costs

Centralized contract repository

Get a holistic view of all contracts from one platform

Track renewals in real-time

Enable timely alerts on contract renewal due dates

Insight-led license forecasting

Predict future license requirements accurately

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Unify and categorize all contracts

Overcome siloed contract management across multiple admin panels & instances by unifying & categorizing complex and diverse contract types

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Manage renewals and set reminders

Set custom reminders on SaaS renewals 30, 60, or 90 days before the due date to avoid auto-renewals and improve the scope of the contract negotiation

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Update and reconcile true-ups & true-downs

Automatically account for license true-ups and true-downs year-round, ensuring accurate cost estimation & reconciliation

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License adjustments & forecasting

Analyze procured vs. utilized licenses to optimize contracts efficiently & accurately forecast future needs

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AI contract recognition

Upload your contracts in PDF format. The AI engine analyses the contract and uploads the contract information automatically. All you have to do is review and submit

Manage SaaS Contracts the Zluri way