The Employee App Store Is Finally Here

Automate your SaaS approval process. Assign apps and licenses hassle-free without making your employees wait forever.

Feature Highlights

Control the App Info Employees Can See

You have complete control over what SaaS app information is visible to employees in their dashboard.

Customizable SaaS Approval Workflows

Choose who would be involved in the approval process and what role they would play.

Integrated with SaaS Buying

Employees can also place procurement requests for new apps unavailable in the company's SaaS stack.

Benefits of Employee App Store

Decentralize SaaS Procurement Decisions

Employees get information, such as security & compliance details and app alternatives that help them make informed SaaS purchasing decisions that reduce research and evaluation time.

Keep the Employees Updated

The employees get real-time updates on their app's or license's requests. Additionally, the comments for approval, disapproval, or clarification needed are visible to the requestors, improving transparency in the approval process.

Keep SaaS Sprawl in Check

You can prevent SaaS sprawl by making it easier for employees to choose apps of their choice and by giving them quick access to SaaS apps. Moreover, since you have visibility into all SaaS purchases, this eliminates shadow IT.

Save Time on Repetitive Tasks

With custom SaaS workflows, you no longer need to deal with hundreds of SaaS requisition, approval, and revocation tickets. Employee App Store helps you focus on strategic work, which otherwise would have been wasted on repetitive SaaS approval tasks.

How It Works

Once you set up the employee app store and create SaaS approval workflows, employees can start making apps or license requests via their dashboard.
Setup Employee App Store

Enable employees to have an overview of SaaS apps and quickly place requests for apps/licenses.

Employee places a request

After a request is made, it is passed through the approvers, and employees can track the status.

Approver approves the request

The approvers can approve or disapprove a request and can also share their opinions and comments.

The employee starts using it

Once a license/app access is granted, the employee can start using the tool right away.

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