Complete, swift, and secure user deprovisioning

Automate the employee offboarding process with intelligent workflows that instantly revoke access across all apps and systems, preventing unauthorized access

Completely remove access from every app & resource

Full user app visibility

Get complete visibility of all user-accessed apps and then take offboarding actions

No-code workflows

Easily build multi-step workflows with 2000+ deep actions to automate offboarding processes

One-click offboarding

Schedule automated offboarding workflows to run on employee departure dates

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Comprehensive 360° offboarding

Fully revoke access to all apps - including both SSO and non-SSO apps. Zluri enables true end-to-end deprovisioning

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Secure data transfer and backup

Back up critical data from apps and smoothly transfer resource/file ownership to new owners for a secure data transition

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Disable group memberships automatically

With real-time sync to AD and SSO providers, restrict access to targeted applications instantly

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Automatically offboard users from devices

Integrate with MDM solutions like Jamf and Kandji to automatically take device actions like locking, disabling, and wiping devices when employees leave

Boost productivity and ensure total access removal