A plugin to boost your productivity on Google Meet


Remote work has been the norm for some time now and productivity tools have been on steroids for a while. Last month our team logged in 7 hours per day on an average over google meet. That’s a whole lot of time. Also, data from Techcrunch shows that Google Meet is one of the most downloaded app during these times.

The world is spending a significant amount of time on Google Hangouts. This got us thinking. Is there something we can do to improve the experience of Google Meet? We got together, identified a host of productivity hacks, and launched Turbomeet. A chrome plug-in to turbocharge your meetings on Google Meet.

TurboMeet is a must-have extension if you want to have productive and efficient meetings over Google Meet. This extension was made to help all the users participating in numerous meetings, classes, and events happening over Google Meet.

Some of the key features supported by the plugin are as follows

Push to Talk

You can unmute and speak by enabling the push to talk feature. We now support Space and Left Shift keys. Just press and hold the key to speak, and when done, release the key. It's that simple. If you need to mute/unmute, simply tap the key.

Auto Enable Captions

Captions are turned on by default when you enter the meeting.

Quit the meeting using keys

Just press 'Ctrl' + 'Q' to quit any meeting directly. No more awkwardly searching for the "End Call" button.

Auto Mute Audio and Video

No need to manually mute audio and video for every meeting. It's done automatically for you.

Auto Join

Bypass the intermediary screen and directly join the meeting

Set the default Google Account

When you have multiple Google accounts and you join a meet link to realize that it's not linked to the correct Google account, you have to switch the accounts to join with the right one manually. Instead, set the Google Account Number usually as 0, 1, 2, to auto-redirect to the correct Google Account.

Fast URL button

It's a tedious process to share just the meeting URL with another person. We have a quick solution for that - Quick launch meeting. Just click on the extension and launch a meeting. The URL is immediately copied into the clipboard so that you can share it with others.

Update check

Whenever the extension updates, the icon changes automatically, suggesting you to update to the new version. Check the options page to enable or disable these features depending on your requirements.

You can download the plugin from Chrome Web Store and make your Google Meet hassle-free.

About Zluri

At Zluri, our mission is to simplify the world’s transition to SaaS by helping organizations discover, manage, and optimize their software stack. If you would like to try out our platform please fill in the early access request form here.


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