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  • Types of Software Licenses for IT and Procurement Teams

    A software license serves as both a contract and a key. It is a contract that establishes a software intellectual property agreement between the vendor and the user regarding how the software will be used. As a key, it permits the user to access the software and use it in accordance with the conditions of the software intellectual property agreement. 

  • Corporate Credit Card Policy Best Practices - 2022

    This article will walk you through the procedure for creating an effective corporate card expense policy and will also show you some of the best practices in managing the spending made through a corporate card. 

  • 10 Policies to Ensure Reliable SaaS Management

    SaaS management is a practice for IT teams to ensure proper use of SaaS resources, maintain a good employee experience, and meet business goals while keeping data safe and secure.

  • What are Redundant Apps

    Redundant applications in the SaaS stack cause extra spending, inefficiency, and security issues. Managing redundant applications is critical for any organization to make sure they are using resources efficiently.

  • SaaS Subscription Management: 7 Foundational Pillars

    This article will introduce you to the foundational pillars to base your SaaS subscription management strategy. 

  • Remote Onboarding Checklist for IT Teams

    With work-from-home becoming the new normal, remote onboarding for new employees is the need of the hour. One of the most complicated tasks at this stage is giving new employees access to all the necessary software and web-based applications required. 

  • Running Business Impact Analysis for Your SaaS Stack

    Though being immune to external risks may not be possible, we think that companies can mitigate most of the risks and safeguard themselves by planning ahead.

  • Why SaaS Governance is Critical to Reduce Compliance Risk and Save Money: A Data-Backed Study

    Are you doing enough to manage compliance risk and protect sensitive customer data? Do you inventory the SaaS apps used by your team? Here’s how to win big by optimizing both.

  • How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in an SMP?

    With proper data and reasoning you can convince your boss to go ahead with SMP. The benefit which the SaaS management platform adds to your organization is immense. Remember, in the post-pandemic world, SMPs are becoming a must for the IT department.

  • Employee Offboarding for IT & HR: A Data-Backed Case Study

    The HR & IT departments have been facing the heat of offboarding a good number of the remote workforce since 2020.

  • SaaS Operations - The Complete Guide

    SaaS operations consist of procuring the right set of SaaS apps, managing access to these apps by users/departments, monitoring their usage, and offboarding them properly when they are no longer needed.

  • What We Learnt Analyzing 150M+ SaaS Usage Transactions

    Zluri recently hit a ground-breaking record of analyzing 200M SaaS usage transactions. The process taught us a lot of valuable lessons that helped us make Zluri better every day.

  • Managing SaaS in an Enterprise

    Think about an enterprise that has more than 3000 employees. They need a clearly structured SaaS management plan; else, they will get into the trap of SaaS sprawl.

  • SaaS User Management - The Ultimate Guide

    To optimize their SaaS stack, IT teams must know how many apps they have and how the employees use them. 

  • SaaS Sprawl - The Ultimate Guide

    When an organization has a large number of SaaS applications in its SaaS stack, it gives rise to SaaS Sprawl.

  • SaaS Spend Management: How You Can Win the Battle Against SaaS Overspending

    You'll learn about the types of excessive spending and how to deal with each of them.

  • Symptoms of an Unoptimized SaaS Stack (+ Solutions)

    In this post, we've discussed 7 symptoms of an unoptimized SaaS stack and solutions to optimize the same.

  • Software License Optimization: How to Maximize Your ROSS (Return on SaaS Stack)

    ROSS (Return on SaaS Stack) is a framework that helps you evaluate and optimize the value you get from your SaaS stack.

  • SaaS Vendor Management in 2022: The Definitive Guide

    An obese SaaS stack leads to SaaS wastage. It's a disease! It not only causes financial issues but also gives you security and compliance problems. That's why you must keep tight control on your SaaS stack. And it begins with managing your SaaS vendors. 

  • How Different Industries Manage SaaS: A Data-Backed Study

    In a partnership with Pulse, we conducted a survey to understand how various industries tackle SaaS Sprawl.

  • SaaS Tracking Template: Keep Track of Your SaaS Apps

    If you are having difficulty managing your SaaS apps, this SaaS tracker template will save you time and help you keep track of spending on these apps. This template will also help you plan for upcoming renewal and record license details.

  • A Framework to Eliminate SaaS Wastage

    ‘Muda’ is used to describe any activity that uses resources but doesn't generate value. It is the Toyota system for identifying and eliminating waste in all forms. It is the same thing that helps Toyota sell more cars than Ford, General Motors, and Honda at a higher margin.

  • SaaS Management: 3 Key Challenges

    With this explosion of SaaS at companies, there arise SaaS challenges caused by apps getting out of your control. These SaaS challenges varies in three dimension: spend management, security and complance risks, and various SaaS operations tasks like automating SaaS procurments, renewals, employees onboarding and offboarding.

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  • Top 9 OneLogin Alternatives in 2022

    Though OneLogin is a good identity and access management tool, it is also expensive. There are many other IAM tools available that may meet your requirements if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution. 

  • What is DLP & How Does it Work? Explained 101

    Data loss prevention is one of the vital strategies that can prevent your sensitive information from getting leaked online. You need to understand the ins and outs of DLP to implement the strategies in your existing business ecosystem.

  • Top Digital Transformation Frameworks

    A digital transformation framework is a set of guidelines and a long-term plan that businesses utilize to help them navigate through the challenging landscape of digital transformation. It's a tool used by businesses to find out how to modify their current position to keep them ahead of their competitors.

  • Top 30 SaaS Management Platforms [2022]

    SaaS management platforms can vary in their use-case, functionality, and costs. In this list, you’ll find the best 30+ apps to help you narrow down your search.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies and Procedure

    Data loss prevention (DLP) is an umbrella term that encompasses tools, methods, and practices that ensure end-users do not send vital or sensitive data outside of an organization and lose it. It keeps sensitive information from being accessed or stolen by anyone without the right authorization. 

  • How to Retain IT talent

    A company's commitment to employee retention is demonstrated via the implementation of policies and programs that reduce employee turnover.