Top 8 InvGate Alternatives in 2024

Tathagata Chakrabarti

5th December, 2023


InvGate offers an IT asset management solution that enables IT teams to gain complete control over their IT assets. It offers comprehensive features for managing IT assets, including hardware and software inventory, software license management, asset tracking, and IT service management.

InvGate Assets provides real-time visibility into an organization's IT assets. This makes it easier for IT teams to track and manage their assets, identify potential issues, and prevent downtime. InvGate's software license management feature is also highly effective, helping IT teams optimize software usage and avoid costly non-compliance penalties.

InvGate offers a robust IT service management module, allowing IT teams to streamline service delivery processes and improve service levels. This module includes incident, problem, change, and service level management.

Despite its numerous benefits, InvGate does have a few drawbacks. 

  • One of the main drawbacks is that the software is difficult to integrate with the existing installed software, restricting IT teams from managing software licenses and contracts efficiently. 

  • Also, it is complicated to capture data from mobile devices, limiting the IT teams in gaining complete visibility into IT assets' data.

  • The tool does not detect all the assets in the organization, hindering the IT teams in managing IT assets efficiently.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.7/5

  • Capterra: 4.7/5

This article will discuss a list of alternatives to InvGate Assets.

8 InvGate Assets Alternatives

Now, let us explore the best 8 alternatives to InvGate Assets.

1. Zluri


Zluri is a comprehensive SaaS management platform that offers IT teams unparalleled visibility into their organizations' SaaS stack. Our all-in-one solution helps eliminate unwanted expenses, streamline IT operations, and create a secure SaaS ecosystem.

With Zluri, IT teams can easily discover, track, monitor, and manage software assets across your organization. This allows you to maximize the ROI of every asset in your portfolio.

Our powerful platform provides complete management of software assets, including usage, licenses, and renewals. We use five different discovery methods to ensure complete coverage, including SSO, finance, and expense management systems, direct integrations of APIs, desktop agents (optional), and browser extensions (optional).


With Zluri, you can easily identify hidden apps and better understand your organization's SaaS landscape. This helps you to eliminate shadow IT and help you take control of your SaaS landscape.

In addition, Zluri offers powerful insights into your organization's SaaS usage. Our platform lets you easily identify unused or duplicate applications and make strategic decisions to optimize your SaaS spending.

Our platform empowers you to make informed decisions about your SaaS usage and ensures your applications are fully optimized to meet your unique needs.

With Zluri, IT teams can easily track apps, users, license types, the number of licenses for each type, user role, and SaaS spending in one single platform. In addition, it gives a clear view of the subscriptions, contracts, and perpetual licenses. This view assists the IT teams in gathering information on unused licenses and abandoned apps, rightsizing unused licenses, or downgrading to a suitable tier.


Moreover, our Renewal Calendar provides valuable insights into upcoming renewals, allowing you to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Plus, our customizable alerts enable you to prioritize high-value contracts and ensure you never miss an important deadline.


Zluri also offers a comprehensive automated vendor management system. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your core business systems, creating a complete SaaS system of record. This allows us to manage your vendor life cycle with your predefined workflows, providing a hassle-free and streamlined approach to SaaS management.


Choose Zluri to standardize your applications, take control of your SaaS spend, and optimize your overall ROI. Book a demo with us!


  • Zluri's powerful integration capabilities make it easy for you to seamlessly connect with a multitude of applications, streamlining your workflow and saving you time and effort.

  • Zluri helps you save big on your organization's IT spending by identifying redundant or duplicate apps, abandoned apps, unused apps, underutilized apps, etc.

  • Our tool is highly customizable to match your unique IT requirements and witness an unprecedented level of flexibility and control over your operations.

  • Get access to well-structured, informative reports on all your SaaS applications, and make informed decisions that drive business growth.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.8/5

  • Capterra: 4.9/5

2. Lansweeper


Lansweeper is an IT asset management software that helps IT teams manage their IT assets, automate network discovery and software inventory, and track software license compliance. This comprehensive solution allows IT teams to gain better visibility into their IT environment.

With Lansweeper, IT teams streamline their workflows and save time, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks such as security and compliance. In addition, Lansweeper helps IT teams make informed decisions and improve the organization's IT operations by providing customizable reporting and advanced security features.


  • Lansweeper's reporting is highly customizable, allowing IT teams to generate detailed reports on their IT environment's status and performance.

  • It provides advanced security features, such as network scanning, vulnerability assessment, and patch management, making it an ideal solution for organizations' IT departments in highly regulated industries.


  • The tool requires admin-level permissions to collect information, leading to security risks in the IT environment.

  • Lansweeper's pricing can be relatively high, making it less accessible to smaller organizations with limited IT budgets.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.5/5

  • Capterra: 4.6/5

3. BMC Helix


BMC Helix is an ITAM tool that helps IT teams manage the organization's IT assets, including hardware, software, and network infrastructure. With its comprehensive features and advanced capabilities, BMC Helix is designed to streamline IT asset management processes and improve organizational efficiency.

With its advanced capabilities, BMC Helix can help IT teams optimize their IT operations, reduce costs, and improve service delivery. In addition, it helps you to gain visibility of IT assets and optimize the ROI.


  • BMC Helix comes with advanced ITSM capabilities, including incident management, change management, etc., allowing IT teams to improve their service delivery and ensure that IT services are delivered efficiently.

  • It provides automation capabilities, which can help IT teams automate repetitive tasks and workflows, thereby saving time and reducing errors.


  • It is expensive compared to other ITAM tools, which may pose a challenge for organizations with constrained budgets.

  • The user interface requires improvement, as it gets slow when switching between the tabs, making it time-consuming for IT teams.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 3.7/5

4. ServiceNow


ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides a range of IT management services, including IT asset management. This includes procurement, deployment, utilization, and disposal of IT assets. ServiceNow offers a comprehensive ITAM solution that enables IT teams to manage their IT assets effectively.

Providing a centralized view of all IT assets and automating many manual processes can help IT teams be more efficient and effective. This can reduce the workload on IT teams and free up time for more critical tasks.

ServiceNow's ITAM software also provides valuable insights into IT asset usage, cost optimization, and risk management. This can help IT teams to make informed decisions and better manage their IT assets.


  • It automates many of the manual processes associated with IT asset management, such as procurement, deployment, and retirement, reducing the burden on IT teams and allowing them to focus on more critical tasks.

  • It provides audit reports, making it easier for IT teams to make data-driven decisions and also save time.


  • ServiceNow's ITAM software is a premium product, and its cost may be higher than other ITAM solutions, creating a barrier for some organizations, particularly smaller businesses.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.5/5

5. Snipe-IT


Snipe-IT is a powerful IT asset management software designed for businesses of all sizes. It helps IT teams track, manage, and maintain their assets effectively. With Snipe-IT, IT teams can streamline the organization's asset management processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

By providing real-time tracking of assets, IT teams can keep track of their inventory, reducing the risk of misplaced or lost assets. Additionally, the reporting and analytics features help IT teams to make informed decisions, optimizing asset utilization and maintenance.


  • Snipe-IT has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for IT teams to navigate and use.

  • It allows IT teams to customize the software to suit their specific needs.


  • It is difficult to import files during the initial setup, limiting the IT teams from extracting the crucial information required to manage assets efficiently.

  • It does not give a mobile application, which can be inconvenient for IT teams who need to manage assets while on the go.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.6/5

  • Capterra: 4.4/5

6. Asset Panda


Asset Panda is a cloud-based asset tracking and management software that helps IT teams streamline their asset management processes. It provides a centralized platform for tracking and managing IT assets, equipment, and inventory, which can help reduce equipment downtime and minimize repair costs.

The software's features, like customizable workflows, reporting, and integration with other systems, can help IT teams make informed decisions about their assets. Additionally, with Asset Panda's mobile app, IT teams can scan and track assets on the go, making managing assets across different locations more accessible.


  • It provides organizations with the flexibility to configure the software, allowing IT teams to create custom fields, workflows, and reports to fit their unique asset management needs.

  • It has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for IT teams to track and manage assets, create custom workflows, and generate reports with ease.


  • Asset Panda's pricing model is not very transparent, resulting in users having to request a quote to know the cost of the software.

  • It lacks in providing support for the mobile app, making it inconvenient for IT teams to use the mobile app efficiently and track the assets on the go.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 3.9/5

  • Capterra: 4.6/5

7. Alloy Software


Alloy Software offers a comprehensive IT asset management solution that enables IT teams to track and manage IT assets, including hardware, software, and infrastructure in organizations. With Alloy, IT teams can easily manage their assets throughout their lifecycle, from procurement to disposal and everything in between.


  • The tool is highly customizable, allowing IT teams to create a custom field as per their requirements.

  • It seamlessly integrates with other IT tools, such as network monitoring and ITSM tools, empowering IT teams to manage and streamline their complete IT operations.


  • It has limitations in reporting function, making it difficult for IT teams to make informed decisions based on reports.

  • It has a steep learning curve, which can make it challenging for IT teams to master its full range of features effectively.

Customer Rating

  • G2:4.5/5

  • Capterra: 4.5/5

8. Upkeep


Upkeep offers an IT Asset Management solution that enables IT teams to effectively manage the assets throughout their lifecycle and optimize their return on investment. With Upkeep, IT teams can work together seamlessly to manage assets, reduce downtime, and improve performance.

The tool allows IT teams to manage inventory, work orders, and asset budgets, ensuring they are adequately maintained and always in top condition. This enables IT teams to reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns, avoid costly repairs, and ensure that their assets are always available when needed.


  • It provides automated alerts that notify IT teams when assets are approaching the end of their warranty or license period, ensuring that IT teams avoid unnecessary expenses and increase the overall ROI.

  • The tool gives a mobile app version, allowing IT teams to access and manage maintenance tasks from anywhere.


  • The tool has limited customization options, making it difficult for IT teams to manage the IT assets efficiently.

  • The tool requires time to learn, making it time-consuming for IT teams and invest significant time to use it at its full potential.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.5/5

  • Capterra: 4.6/5

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