Zluri Updates (March): Notes, App Type, Merging & Mapping

As February comes to a close, the Zluri team has been hustling hard to bring out new features that can help your company manage the SaaS sprawl and IT challenges. Based on the customer requests over the last few months, we have added a host of new features. Here are some of the most popular new additions.

1. Keep track of tasks through notes

Is it too much to manage software requisition requests, feedback, tasks and comments through spreadsheets & emails? Fret not! We have got your back! Now you can just add a note to any application, user, or department. 

Notes can be added by any administrator & are visible across the organization to all administrators. 

Soon, you can even add reminders to notes across users, applications, and departments.

2. Sort SaaS from other applications through ‘Application Type’

Zluri SaaS discovery engine quickly identifies access and usage of all Devices (Android/IOS), Browsers (Google Chrome) & Websites. Through SSO integration, Zluri will automatically tag the relevant type to all the applications identified. 

In case you feel anything is not properly tagged, the administrators can go ahead and set the application type through the 'quick edit' or by clicking 'edit application.' This will help you filter the data precisely in the reports and dashboards.

3. Identify missing apps through ‘Application Mapping’

The all-new application Mapping' feature has been added to Zluri's street smart SSO integration, which means the administrators can now manually override the automatic mapping, which might be required in some cases.

Suppose Zluri has identified that ‘Zendesk’ is being used by some users. In that case, the admins can now accurately tweak and correct the applications inside the Zendesk stack, i.e., either Zendesk Chat,' a live chat software, or ‘Zendesk Sell,' a CRM application.

4. Get complete ROI of an application by merging its variants to the parent app

Are you irked by numerous plugins from the same parent app being listed as separate applications? Maximize your productivity and control spending across interconnected applications and extensions through Zluri’s new ‘application merging’ feature that allows you to merge the extensions and plugins to its parent applications.

This will merge the usage & spends of both apps and shows you the true ROI for Zoho CRM that you had bought originally.

Apart from these, we’ve fixed some minor bugs & made some UI changes. The journey of Zluri has just begun, and there is much more to come in the months ahead.

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