Why Zluri? Why now?

Sethu Meenakshisundaram

13th October, 2020


Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse.

- Sophocles

You must have seen this quote at the beginning of Netflix’s latest series, ‘The Social Dilemma.’

2020 is making all of us rethink how we want to live our lives both at home and at work. As much as there is despair at one end, there is hope in equal measure at the other end. People who embraced technology did better than others who did not. Technology became the defining line between advancement and decline in many industries and countries. For the first time, non-tech businesses have started to take a tech-first approach to build and shape their businesses.

As we were thinking through this, we realized that probably this is the first time in our existence that every piece of technology is available for a fraction of a price. Accessibility of software has put to rest the affordability question, bringing in true democratization for people to participate and build something. Never have the world been a better level playing field for builders.

Underneath all this mega change is that technology is fast becoming a utility delivered in a subscription model. Without a subscription delivery model, software would remain clunky, expensive, and out of reach for many.

At Zluri, we want companies of all sizes to derive real value from their subscription-based software, popularly referred to as SaaS. We want companies to accelerate innovation through the software stack they purchase, but without the hassles that come along.

Essentially, we want to ‘Simplify the world’s transition to SaaS’ by handling all the problems and issues that come up in adopting and operating a SaaS ecosystem through intelligent workflow automation. Overspending, discovery of Shadow IT, compliance, or security-related issues; we want the buck to stop with us so that employees, HR, IT, and finance teams can focus on driving productivity and innovation.

On this promise, we are getting to work to bring the idea of Zluri to life in the next few weeks. Book a Demo

- Chaith, Ritish, and Sethu, Co-Founders of Zluri.

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