Zluri - An Integrated Lifecycle Management platform

Tathagata Chakrabarti

23rd February, 2023


The employee lifecycle involves risks from onboarding to offboarding and the middle transitions. Since potential security threats and vulnerabilities can occur at any stage of the process, managing the entire employee lifecycle is crucial.  

Zluri -an integrated Lifecycle management platform- helps you build a highly secure environment by automating the employee's onboarding, offboarding, and even the mid-transitions. And thus, enhances productivity and overall business operations.

User lifecycle management (ULM) refers to managing the different stages of an employee's engagement with an organization, such as onboarding, mid-lifecycle transitions, and offboarding. 

ULM includes tasks such as creating user accounts, assigning roles and permissions, tracking user activity, and disabling or deleting accounts when employees leave the organization. User lifecycle management aims to ensure that users have appropriate access to applications while maintaining security and compliance. 

There are several risks associated with the onboarding and offboarding of employees. Like, a potential risk is associated with setting up new accounts and granting access to sensitive information during onboarding. In addition, once the user is active, risks may be associated with the user's actions, such as the potential for data breaches or misuse of company resources. 

Similarly, risks may be associated with revoking access and removing sensitive information and potential threats from disgruntled former employees during offboarding.

Managing the user's lifecycle requires ongoing monitoring and management to minimize these risks and protect the organization's data and security.

Why Is User Lifecycle Management Critical?

User lifecycle management (ULM) is now a must-have for all businesses, regardless of the organization's size. By implementing the ULM process, you can create a highly secure environment in your company that will help your employees be more productive and your business successful.

There are many reasons why user lifecycle management is critical, such as -

  1. It ensures that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information and resources, which helps to protect the organization from security breaches and data loss.

  2. It can also help improve user engagement and productivity by ensuring users have the necessary resources and permissions to complete their tasks.

  3. Further, ULM is critical in ensuring a system or application's security and proper functioning. It involves managing the stages of a user's interaction with the system, from registration and authentication to access controls and eventual deactivation or deletion of their account. This process helps to maintain accurate user information, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Overall, user lifecycle management is essential to IT management and security. It plays an important role in protecting organizations from potential risks and helping them meet their business goals.

Introducing Zluri- An Integrated Lifecycle Management Platform 

Zluri is a cloud-based lifecycle management platform that allows IT teams to streamline employee lifecycle management. For example, IT teams can use Zluri to give users access to SaaS apps or remove them automatically. In addition, the tool eliminates request queues and approval bottlenecks, which helps employees do their jobs better. 


Zluri connects to all ADs, SSOs, and HRMSs through over 800 integrations and keeps track of user activity and permissions. In addition, the tool lets you make workflows with custom rules and triggers.

Here are the three major stages of lifecycle management that Zluri helps you with:-


Onboarding is not just a simple task; it's the first and most crucial step in an employee's lifecycle management journey. It sets the tone for the entire employment experience and can make or break a new hire's engagement and productivity. Unfortunately, traditional onboarding methods, such as manually granting SaaS access, can be tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors.

But what if there was a better way? A solution that streamlines the onboarding process and provides a holistic approach to lifecycle management. Enter LCM tools like Zluri, which automate the onboarding process and offer a comprehensive solution for managing an employee's entire tenure with an organization.  


Using an LCM tool for onboarding new employees:

Zluri is an effective LCM platform that allows you to create a personalized onboarding experience for each new employee by providing the necessary information, tasks, and training materials in one central location.

This innovative platform revolutionizes how organizations welcome new employees by providing them instant access to the tools they need to hit the ground running on their first day. No more waiting weeks for IT to set up accounts and access - Zluri's automation streamlines the process, increasing productivity and reducing frustration.

But Zluri's benefits continue beyond there. The platform also offers personalized app recommendations based on the employee's department and the role and intelligent in-app suggestions to help them connect with the channels, groups, or projects they'll be working on. In addition, with Zluri's onboarding workflows, you can easily create customized "playbooks" of recommended apps for different roles, making the onboarding process a breeze.

Whether you're a content writer who needs Slack, Trello, and Grammarly or someone in a different role with different tools, Zluri has got you covered. Streamline your onboarding process and set your new hires up for success with Zluri.

Mid-lifecycle changes

Understanding the employee life cycle is a great way to guarantee you're addressing the demands of your employees during each phase of their journey. However, fully understanding each step can be challenging.

To help with these various stages, it is logical to use a platform that can help in the smooth mid-transitions of an employee's role. There can be several mid-lifecycle changes in an employee's work period, such as role change, promotion, or geographical changes. 


With Zluri's mid-lifecycle management featurepermissions change automatically with the role. The procedure aids in providing efficient life cycle management. It helps you manage access profiles and deep entitlements for 150+ apps. It supports and is adaptable to any complex user transition. 


Process automation makes the process more efficient while ensuring that each employee has a consistent experience. In addition, the employee life cycle management will be completely optimized with effective process documentation and implementation.

An alternative way allows employees to choose the SaaS apps they need with the IT-approved Zluri's App Catalog & Access Request It allows employees to choose from various SaaS apps and automates the approval process, assigning apps and licenses quickly and easily. As a result, HR and IT teams can save valuable time and energy while giving employees the power to choose the tools they need to succeed. 

The app store also decentralizes SaaS procurement decisions, allowing employees to make informed choices about the apps that best suit their needs. And with real-time updates and transparent communication, the approval process is made more efficient and transparent. In addition, it helps prevent SaaS sprawl and eliminates shadow IT, freeing up teams to focus on more strategic work. 


Revoking SaaS licenses for departing employees can be time-consuming, but Zluri's automated offboarding solution can be done in just a few clicks. Not only does Zluri revoke access to SaaS applications securely and efficiently, but it also performs a convenient data backup for future reference. This ensures that your organization's data is protected and limits potential breaches. 

Zluri allows you to transfer ownership of ongoing SaaS licenses and connect with cloud directories to store, use, and share data using cloud services. And with the ability to use pre-saved playbooks, the offboarding process becomes even more streamlined and efficient. 

Offboarding with Zluri is just as easy as onboarding. To get started, navigate to the "Workflows" → "Offboarding" from the options at the top right corner.

This will bring you to a page with various features you can use to customize your workflow, including Overview, Drafts, Playbooks, Recent Runs, and Automation Rules. 

To create a new workflow, click on the "New Workflow" button in the top right corner, select the users and applications you want to include, and click "Run." Your workflow will be saved as a Playbook for future use, making it easy to offboard employees quickly and efficiently. 

With Zluri's user-friendly interface and comprehensive offboarding capabilities, your organization can streamline the process of removing employees from your systems and safeguard your data.


Offboarding employees can be daunting, but it can be a smooth and efficient process with the right tools. Zluri makes it easy for IT managers to deregister departing employees from SaaS applications and protect the organization from potential data breaches. And with its convenient data backup feature, you can keep track of the employees' application usage for future reference. 

Additionally, Zluri's integration with cloud directories allows you to store, use, and share data using cloud services, making it easier to manage and keep your data secure. So why not make the most of your offboarding process with Zluri?

So, that's how Zluri's Lifecycle management platform works. If you want to learn more, schedule a demo today!

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