MoEngage’s IT and Finance Teams Attain 100% Software Stack Visibility And Realize Massive Savings With Zluri

Zluri was able to show a saving of $250,000 within six month of MoEngage's onboarding.

MoEngage’s IT and Finance Teams Attain 100% Software Stack Visibility And Realize Massive Savings With Zluri

Zluri’s automated Saas management platform helped us discover the usage across 100+ applications in the company in it’s single dashboard. We were able to discard all the redundant and unused applications because of this. Zluri’s Saas buying helped us save USD 250,000 within six months by carrying out data-backed negotiations with Saas vendors.

Narasimha Reddy,
CFO, MoEngage
Narasimha Reddy

About MoEngage

MoEngage is an insights-led, customer engagement platform that enables brands and marketers to create, execute and optimize their digital marketing campaigns, assisting them in their quest to increase customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

MoEngage offers a suite of products, including predictive analytics, to surface relevant segments or campaigns for personalized targeting and cross-channel customer engagement. It engages users across more than ten channels, such as mobile / web push notifications, in-app messages, email, WhatsApp and others. MoEngage’s artificial intelligence-driven optimizations (channel / content / time / journey path) and channel deliverability optimizations lead to higher conversions for its customers.

MoEngage has been recognized as a leader among mobile marketing platforms by Gartner in the “2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant” and named a “strong performer” in The Forrester Wave for cross-channel campaign management (independent platforms) in 2021.

MoEngage’s clientele includeS Ally Financial; McAfee; Chegg; Atom Finance, in the U.S.; Flipkart, Sharechat, Airtel, Ola, in India; Deutsche Telekom, Travelodge, Mashreq Bank, Landmark Group, in EMEA; Blibli, JD.ID, Telekom Malaysia, and Kredivo, in South East Asia, among others.

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MoEngage had grown significantly in the employee base in the last few years that led to the signing or onboarding of many software tools spread across multiple teams and stakeholders. However, without centralized visibility and governance, MoEngage was unable to take control over its software library. With remote work and a growing software library, managing software applications with just an excel sheet became an arduous task.

MoEngage's finance department also found it challenging to manage last-minute renewals of their software apps as it gave them very little room to negotiate with their vendors. In addition, since most of the contracts' values were worth a few thousand dollars each, the sudden expenditures were becoming difficult to manage. 

Additionally, MoEngage’s departments carried out the procurement of software apps independently. The agile culture made it difficult for the finance and IT teams to track their software stack manually. As a result, it led to unused and underutilized software applications along with unplanned procurement and renewals, causing software wastage and overspending. 


As soon as MoEngage integrated their SSO and finance systems with Zluri, they had their entire software landscape consolidated on a single dashboard with all the expenses, usage, users of each application. As a result, they regained their lost visibility and control over their software library.

Auto-renewals or last-minute renewals were no longer a menace for MoEngage as Zluri's renewal calendar starts giving alerts 60 days before the renewal is due. So, there is ample time to decide whether to renew or terminate an application and negotiate with vendors.

MoEngage had also opted for the software procurement service from Zluri for its new software purchases and renewals. Zluri negotiated with the software vendors and reduced the software price to arrive at correct and fair pricing using the platform intelligence and data-backed procurement approach. By doing so, Zluri was able to show a saving of $250,000 within six month of MoEngage's onboarding.


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