Optimize your SaaS stack. Unlock savings

Zluri analyzes usage across your tech stack to uncover definitive, real savings outcomes

Make SaaS savings a habit

360° spend visibility

Consolidate spend data from various expense tools, finance systems & contracts

Cost intelligence

Get smart recommendations that help keep software costs from ballooning


Create workflows to auto-reclaim licenses continuously based on usage

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Uncover all optimization opportunities

Get in-depth spend insights for every app from a centralized dashboard that uncovers significant savings opportunities

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One-click software savings

Analyze savings opportunities from five categories of license utilization data and act on it instantly with optimization actions

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Auto-reclaim sub-optimal licenses

Unlock recurring savings by automatically removing, reclaiming or downgrading licenses based on usage threshold policies

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Predict and save with license forecasting

Eliminate overspending in the future by using powerful historical analysis and predictive models to accurately estimate license needs

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Rationalize SaaS by removing redundancy

Identify duplicate apps or apps of the same category, consolidate and streamline SaaS, and bring down overall costs

Real ROI on your SaaS investments

Get ROI from Day 1. Learn how much you can save today with Zluri