Gain complete visibility and control over all software spend

Take charge of your organization's software expenses & pay for only what you need!

Centralize & control SaaS spend

Spend Visibility

Holistic view of all software spends in your org - even the ones purchased outside the purview of IT

Map Spends to Cost

Zluri automatically identifies and maps application costs to its actual ture-ups & spends

Reconcile and optimize spends

Zluri generates cost-saving insights based on financial data and usage metrics

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Uncover hidden app spends

Discover & manage all the elusive hidden app spends, ensuring complete visibility into your decentralized software usage across departments

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Manage app cost centers for budgeting

Ensure internal budgets and cost centers are aligned based on actual spending data. Using automated chargebacks, you can track costs by department, application, user, etc

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Forecast future license needs

Zluri’s spend analysis can predict future license requirements accurately & forecast future savings effectively

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Negotiate better with price benchmarking

Maximize organization costs by negotiating the best software deal with industry standards to ensure you get the best value while renewing licenses & contracts

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Reconcile true-ups with contract costs

Ensure that your true-ups align seamlessly with contracted costs based on the actual usage in the contracted terms at predetermined intervals

Go from SaaS chaos to SaaS governance