Most Companies Have a Broken Software Purchase Process. We Fix That.

The most comprehensive software purchase and cost optimization platform in the world.

A Solution to Decentralized Software Buying

With employees having access to corporate credit cards, finance teams are unaware of 70% of the IT resources. Zluri brings visibility to these apps and solves accounting issues associated with these apps.

Discover Shadow IT

With Zluri, you get clear visibility into your SaaS landscape. Discover all apps your employees have signed up for and provision / deprovision them.

Manage SaaS Apps

Eliminate SaaS wastage and be audit-ready. With Zluri, you can automate IT workflow and grant/revoke access to applications in a single click.

Plan Procurement

Buy new apps and manage SaaS renewals with pricing benchmarks and data-backed negotiations. Zluri saves you up to 50% of your SaaS spend.

Govern SaaS Stack

Zluri provides complete control over your SaaS stack. Thus, it reduces the financial, compliance, and security risks associated with SaaS apps and their usage.

Save Up To 50% of Your SaaS Cost

Eliminate SaaS waste from your SaaS stack by removing redundant apps.

Optimize SaaS Spend

Remove app redundancy from your SaaS stack that exists in the form of duplicate apps, unused and underused apps. Rightsize licenses by increasing/decreasing the number of licenses and their tiers.

Manage Renewals

Never miss any upcoming renewals and prevent surprise auto-renewals. Make data informed decisions on renewals.

Budget Forecasting

Make data-backed forecasts for better IT budgeting.

Easy Reconciliation

Zluri connects with your expense and finance management system to automatically map reimbursement with SaaS spend.

Save Time in Approvals

Approvals are tiring and time-consuming for finance teams. Zluri makes approving spend and reimbursements easy and saves 100s of hours for finance teams.


Take control over your SaaS vendors

Sign up to Zluri and get upto 50% of cost saving on SaaS purchases