Announcing our seed funding

Team Zluri

13th January, 2021


Building something digitally today is less cumbersome because someone somewhere has built a foundation for your ideas in SaaS and APIs. Easy to buy and deploy SaaS tools and solutions are the unsung heroes of agile businesses - big or small. 

As much as 3rd party SaaS stacks have created opportunities for companies to do better for their customers, it has also created an unmanageable sprawl. It has led to duplication of SaaS tools, sub-par utilization, $ leakages of significant magnitude, compliance issues, and security lapses, among many. Companies acknowledge the existence of the problem but don't realize there could be a solution just yet. We want Zluri to be that solution. We are building Zluri to be the single source of truth for the new-age organizations that rely on their 3rd party SaaS stack to get work done. 

In our endeavor to bring this idea to life and build a sustainable organization, we have raised USD 2M from Endiya Partners and Kalaari Capital as seed funding. We are excited to have Sateesh Andra and Vani Kola on our board to help us along the way. 

We’re thankful to our team, early adopters, and investors for the help and support on the journey so far. There’s much work to do, and if you’re interested in being a part of it, we’re hiring! If you’re interested in trying out our product, you can let us know here.

- Sethu, Chaithanya, and Ritish


Discover shadow IT, optimize spends and govern user access in one platform.

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