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Ritish Reddy

31st October, 2021


The rise of remote work culture due to the pandemic brought many business challenges, from collaboration to security to tracking and more. It also made many organizations look for various tools for different purposes to increase productivity and efficiency of the resources. 

SaaS tools are rapidly growing, and organizations are adopting many tools for various business needs like team collaboration, lead generation, accounting, and many other purposes. 

Therefore, it becomes essential to choose the right tool for your organization for your specific requirements. Choosing the right SaaS tool can be challenging as there are many tools out there in the market for every need, and based on your requirements and preferences, you have to see which is best for you. 

In this post, I'll be discussing various SaaS applications for SMBs and enterprises which can be used for different purposes. I have broadly categorized these tools into the below categories:

  • Collaboration and Communication

  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

  • Automation & Marketing  

  • Accounting & Managing Payment

  • Design and Document

  • Human Resource Management

Let's see some of the tools from the above categories which you can use in your organization.

Collaboration and Communication

1. Basecamp


Basecamp is an intuitive and easy-to-use project management and communication tool. You can use it to keep track of all tasks, files, deadlines and discussions, and any work-related announcements. It offers a 30 day free trial with no credit card required to explore and use it.

2. Slack


Slack is a flexible and robust team communication tool. It allows tons of integrations with different tools for specific tasks. As a result, slack has become standard team chat in organizations. It offers a free plan for small teams with limited features and integrations, and its pricing starts at $3.20 per month for the Pro plan. 

3. Zoom


The rise of work from home due to the pandemic has made Zoom synonymous with the meeting. Zoom is an easy, reliable, and robust video-first unified communications platform that provides video meetings, voice, webinars, and chat across all devices and spaces. It offers a free plan with limitations, and the paid plan starts at $149.90 per year/license for Zoom meeting Pro.

4. Notion


Notion is a productivity tool that is used for project management as well as note-taking. Notion empowers every department to manage their tasks in an efficient and easy way.  The Product team can plan and visualize the product's roadmap using it. The Engineering team can coordinate releases, codify processes, and write docs to ship fast. Finally, the marketing team can make style guides, track calendars, and keep watch on every task.  Moreover, it can be used by HR, Sales, Design, and other departments too for various projects and purposes. It offers a free personal plan with limitations. The team plan starts at $10 per month per user with many additional features and functionalities that are not available for free.

5. Ringcentral


Ringcentral allows remote teams to connect with each other via video, messages, and phone calls and make communication and collaboration easy, efficient, smart, and fast. It is a cloud-based platform and is available across multiple devices - from smartphones, tablets, and computers to desk phones. Moreover, it allows you to share files, links, notes, schedule tasks, and more to make your communication and work more efficient. It has different plans and pricing models based on which features and other functionalities vary. The essential plan starts at $15.42 per month per user.

6. Loom


Loom is a widely used tool used by over 100000 companies for communication via video or screen sharing. It makes communication effective and convenient between coworkers. People can either record the screen or make a video of the screen and share any information or guidance from anywhere and anytime with coworkers.

7. Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Google workspace provides a suite of tools for productivity and collaboration. It allows employees to collaborate and communicate with each other from anywhere and anytime. Some of the tools in it are Google drive, Google Meet, Google Docs.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

8. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is an intuitive and easy-to-use CRM tool that over 95000 companies use. It helps you to visualize your entire sales process from start to finish and get a thorough understanding of it without any doubt. In addition, it can be easily integrated with Zapier, Google Apps, Mailchimp, and many more useful applications to make the entire workflow efficient. Its advantage over other CRM tools is that it is very easy to use with a quick setup. However, it has different plans, and it's essential, which costs $15 per month per user when billed monthly and $12.5 per month when billed annually.

9. Hubspot


Hubspot CRM offers comprehensive features for marketing, sales, and support teams to manage their work efficiently and effectively. The CRM has features to keep track of complete sales journeys and engage with prospects to customers through different channels based on their behavior and workflows setup. It is used by over 100000 companies and offers a generous freemium model, too, with features enough for SMBs to take care of their essential business needs.

Automation & Marketing  

10. Zapier


Zapier is a powerful and cost-effective automation tool that integrates different apps and makes workflows faster and efficient without writing any custom codes.  It helps to streamline processes between different apps and lets users focus on the important tasks by automating the repeated tasks between two or more applications. It offers a free plan for up to 100 tasks per month with limited integrations, and its paid plan starts at $29.99 per month when billed monthly or $19.99 per month when billed annually. For example, you can set up automation for receiving slack messages whenever someone updates a specific field in a Google Sheet.

11. Reply


Reply is a sales engagement platform that empowers sales teams to automate and scale multichannel outreach to generate more leads, acquire new customers and grow faster revenue. 
It helps to combine email, Linkedin, SMS, Whatsapp, and other channel information into a single dashboard to engage with prospects across different mediums efficiently and effectively by sending the right message at the right time.  It can be easily integrated with your existing CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper, Pipedrive.  Its pricing starts at $70 per month per user.

12. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to drill down into website data to get insights into your audience and performance. Its dashboard is comprehensive and customizable. You can get real-time insights about users and how they interact with your website's web pages.  Also, the different mediums via which your website is driving traffic and which medium is most valuable for your business. You can also track your different marketing campaigns like email, SMS, etc., using it. It has a freemium model, which most businesses use.

13. Baremetrics


Baremetrics is a subscription analytics and insights management platform that helps companies to make data-driven decisions by looking into various metrics and insights provided by it to achieve growth in the business. It provides metrics, dunning, and engagement tools for SaaS and subscription-based businesses to grow their business.  Baremetrics tools help you categorize and organize customer data into various segments based on different metrics to bring meaningful and comparative insights across dashboards. It also provides an instant historical comparison to make projections and decisions for the future. It offers custom-tailored pricing to suit every stage of your business needs.

14. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps schedule and gets valuable insights about social media posts on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and  Linkedin. It also allows you to boost posts from its platform. Different teams can collaborate on it at different levels, from scheduling and uploading to approving posts. It is suitable for startups and mid-size businesses for their various social media needs.

15. Ahref

Ahref is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps in competitor content research to website content optimization to get better results on search engines. It crawls webpages and stores many useful data like backlinks, keywords on which pages rank, and more and provides information to the users to understand it and make better decisions.

Accounting & Managing Payment

16. Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software suitable for businesses of all scales. It is intuitive, feature-rich, and integrated with many useful applications to get the most out of it. It has over 2 million subscribers across the world. Xero integrates with multiple payment platforms, making it easier for clients and customers to make payments after sharing invoices. It offers a 30 day free trial for all the plans to find and understand which plan is most suitable for your business. After that, its paid plan starts at $20 per month.

17. Stripe

Stripe is used by millions of small to large businesses to accept payments, send payouts, and for many other business purposes. Its payment gateway is fast, robust, and easy to implement by anyone with developer experience. In addition, it offers better resources and support than many other payment processors.  In competitive pricing, it offers consistent and secure transactions. It is flexible and can be easily integrated with accounting tools like Xero and others. It accepts payments in 135+ currencies with a single integration to make international transactions management easy and efficient. It also gives real-time reporting of transactions.

Design and Document

18. Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use design tool that empowers users to create social media posts, posters, and other visual content. It can be used by non-designers and has an intuitive interface in which users can create different design elements with just a drag-and-drop method. It enables users to create visual content faster. It also provides huge templates and stock images for different requirements. Finally, it has a simple integration with tools like Slack, Google Drive, etc., to streamline your workflow.

19. DocuSign

DocuSign is used by over 250000 companies in 150+ countries to sign, send and receive documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device with trust and confidence. It eliminates manual work and delays, which is due to a long approval time. In addition, it can be easily integrated with most business apps, and you can make workflows more efficient using it. 

Human Resource Management

20. BambooHR

BambooHR is a human resource management tool that empowers companies to manage different HR tasks conveniently. It allows payroll management, applicant tracking, employee onboarding, time tracking, and other tasks effectively and efficiently. 

21. DarwinBox

Darwinbox takes care of all the mundane HR tasks. With one tool, enterprises can automate the entire employee lifecycle. The HR Technology suite, Darwinbox is committed to engaging and empowering employees throughout the entire process (from hiring to retirement). Its innovative technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning makes it easier to keep track of your teams.

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