Top 8 Apptio Alternatives


SaaS management platforms vary in their use cases, functionality and costs. The use cases are numerous, like SaaS spend management, SaaS vendor management, and eliminating shadow IT. Apptio's use case majorly revolves around SaaS spend management.

Apptio helps IT admins understand, manage, optimize and govern their SaaS portfolio, enabling their teams to make data-driven investment decisions without disrupting the business performance. Apptio provides data on spending overage, hidden costs, spending on close projects, and poor forecasting.

Though Apptio is a good SaaS management solution, the occasional errors in it cause frustrating experiences. 

In this post, we're going to discuss 8 Apptio alternatives for your organization's SaaS management. But, before discussing that let's learn more about Apptio.

Key features of Apptio 

  • Discovers applications and eliminates shadow IT 

  • Breaks down SaaS spending by the users, licenses, and departments

  • Discovers inactive or underutilized application licenses to help in spend optimization

  • Tracks apps with GDPR, SOC 2 compliance issues, and employee-related risks

Drawbacks of Apptio 

  • The price can be more affordable 

  • The support sometimes is not very helpful

  • The software application can be slow and contains random errors

Customer ratings 

  • G2 - 4.5/5

  • Gartner - 4.5/ 5

Here are the top 8 alternatives to Apptio 

1. Zluri

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that helps you to discover, optimize, manage and secure your organization's SaaS stack. It also helps to cut down SaaS wastage, automate IT tasks, and secure the SaaS ecosystem.

Management of all applicable contracts and their renewals can be done smoothly with Zluri. You can also create an approval process to reduce spending and get data to negotiate and maximize ROI.


Smart application discovery 


Zluri provides 100% discoverability to identify unused, redundant, and underutilized apps. This is done by means of five powerful discovery methods to track SaaS apps present in the company's SaaS stack. This offers the IT teams a granular view.

The five discovery methods are single sign-on and identity providers, finance and expense management systems, direct integration with apps, desktop agents, and extensions.

Zluri connects with the company's single sign-on and identity provider systems such as Okta and  Google workspace to collect directory information, a list of authorized apps, login events, and data shared with third-party apps. 

This software application connects with the expense and finance management systems, such as Netsuite and Quickbooks, to collect apps missed by SSO and transaction details such as the amount spent on apps and also the date of the expense. It gathers information about the apps brought by an employee's personal cards.

With direct integration with 500+ SaaS apps, Zluri can provide information about the users accessing each SaaS app and what level of permission they have, be it a user or an admin. 

Zluri even gathers information about the license for each user, plan, pricing, and features available in the tier. It even collects data for audit logs; that is what changes have been made to understand the app usage.

With the help of desktop agents, Zluri collects only non-sensitive information from the organization's system. It tracks the apps installed on a device, the app's sign-in and sign-out details, product ID, hardware information, and the apps running in the background.

Zluri finds the website's users' visits in a browser through the browser agents. Admins can find the extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Zluri collects data on the websites visited by users: title, the URL, timestamp of opening and closing the tab.

The benefits of smart app discovery are:

  • Discovering unauthorized apps running in the organization, acting on them, and eliminating shadow IT.

  • Get real-time app insights on applications like who has purchased them, who are the users, and how frequently they are used.

  • Identifying idle and least used apps from the company's SaaS landscape and discarding them to cut off excessive SaaS spending.

  • Staying compliant with the industrial standards.

Automate your user's onboarding and offboarding: With Zluri, employees can experience hassle-free onboarding from day 1. New joiners need not wait for weeks to get access to the tools they need to do their jobs. Zluri enables you to give employees the excess to the applications they are required to do from the first day at work. 

on workflows

Create Onboarding Workflows

IT teams get suggestions based on the joining employee's departments and roles and do away with the generic templates. You can also add employees to channels, groups, or projects they will need to be working on based on intelligent suggestions. 

app suggestion

Apps Suggestions During Onboarding

Based on the user's app usage, Zluri recommends software applications with high accuracy that the new employee will require for his/her day-to-day job.

With Zluri, IT admins can depart their employees without wasting time on long offboarding processes like users deprovisioning from apps, data backup, terminating licenses, and blocking their access to apps. 

Zluri allows you to deprovision users in 1 click.

one click provisioning

Zluri one-click deprovisioning

Zluri protects the company's data by deprovisioning employees from all the apps they were using. It helps you to revoke access from all the apps the employee was having access to rather than just their SSO or Google workspace and secure the organization's data from unauthorized users.

While terminating the licenses of the users, Zluri takes a backup of data in those apps so that the admin can transfer it to the new joining owner. The offboarding process is based on three steps processes: retrieval, revoke and reassign.

Easy renewal monitoring 


With Zluri, IT teams can manage all the company's software application contracts/ renewals, create an approval process to reduce spending, and get data to negotiate and maximize ROI. 

Zluri's renewal calendar provides an insightful overview of all the coming up SaaS renewals. It gives notifications of the renewal date and also an insight into right-sizing the deployment.

This information helps to avoid surprises and prioritize preparations based on the size of the renewal and time. With the data provided by the renewal calendar, IT teams can strategies and plan the use of any particular application and negotiation for its contract renewal. 

The renewable window gives the data about the amount of time the owner has to deal with the contract renewal; this helps to make appropriate decisions about the renewal contracts. 

Renewable calendars also help to terminate applications that are not in use or which are abandoned and hence prevent auto-renewals. It also gives a reminder to pay on time and that there are no missing payments.

Application cost optimization


Zluri monitors, measures, and controls application spending while demystifying shadow IT. With this application, IT teams can get information to rationalize and optimize application costs. 

In the cost section, admins can view what amount is mentioned in the contract, while in the spend column, admins can see what amount was actually paid. The bigger the difference is, the higher the company is charged than what is mentioned in the contract. 

cost vs spend

Cost vs. spend

Overspending can be avoided by monitoring statements and payments. With Zluri, admins can track SaaS spending and further strategize and plan for negotiation during the time of renewal.

Application utilization data

utilization data

Zluri simplifies the usage monitoring feature to access application efficiency; this helps to better understand the optimization of license costs. With this SaaS management platform, IT teams can deep-dive application usage analysis and take strategic decisions to improve license ROI.

Applications that are recognized, unrecognized and archived are provided in the transaction module of Zluri. This module gives a detailed insight into the transaction like description, date, the amount spent, source, and payment method. It also shows the credit cards and bank accounts used for each application.

The information about licenses, subscriptions, contracts, and perpetuals of applications is given in the license module of Zluri. It shows and alters renewals and provides data of vendors for each application. 

The security module of Zluri offers information about the threat level, risk score, and risk level. Critical apps and critical user information are also given by Zluri; this helps to keep all the applications in the SaaS ecosystem compliant.

Real-time insights and reports

real time insights and reports

Report for SaaS Stack Optimization

Saas Spend reports

SaaS Spend Optimization Report

Metadata like the name, owner, and category of the application are provided in the list of apps report. User, department, email ID, and the number of apps used app given in the user report.

The list of department reports provides information regarding the department like department name, head of the department, spending, application used, and total users. While the transaction report transaction details like description, name of the application, payment method, and the date of transaction.

With this data, IT teams can be alert to changes in their application ecosystem with Zluri's real-time notification. They can use this information for optimizing budgeting and monitoring the users and applications.


  • Quick and compact explanation, easy to understand

  • Provides a large bank of applications with direct integration to choose from

  • The set-up process is very easy

  • Simple and intuitive navigation 

Customer Rating 

G2- 4.9/5

Capterra- 4.9/5

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2. Blissfully 


Blissfully can automatically track organizations' apps and vendors and simplify how IT admins manage SaaS. This application pairs the SaaS system record with workflow and automation to give the company comprehensive coverage.

With Blissfully, IT teams can stay on top of their contracts, never miss a renewal, set up an approval process that works, and keep spending under control. This application also integrates data from dozens of key business systems to create the company's technology graph and source of truth.


  • Creates and maintains a single source of truth for applications.

  • Automate repetitive tasks in SaaS management

  • Provides reports, insights, and alerts.

  • Connects stack for maximum automation.


  • The support team is responsive

  • It helps to solve SaaS sprawl


  • Needs more flexibility in creating reports

Customer Rating 

  • G2- 4.6/5

  • Capterra- 4.4/5

3. Torii


Torii helps IT teams uncover shadow IT, control SaaS sprawl, optimize spending and manage renewals. This software application empowers teams to maximize the value of an organization's SaaS applications.

Torii is an advanced discovery platform that helps IT admins understand and optimize the company's app usage and software spending and drive employee productivity, all from one SaaS management platform. 


  • Takes control of SaaS renewals and vendor management

  • Automated onboarding and offboarding

  • Finds shadow IT and takes required actions

  • Drives SaaS ROI with spend visibility and optimization.


  • It has a robust library of integration

  • It is easy to use

  • Good customer service 

  • Makes offboarding users easy


  • Inability to cancel or revert changes to the workflows 

  • Complex curve in implementation

  • Need to invest time in set and maintenance 

Customer Rating 

  • G2 - 4.7/5

  • Capterra - 5/5

4. BetterCloud


BetterCloud empowers IT teams to transform users' experience, centralize data protection and maximize operational efficiency. This software proactively reduces security exposure from data oversharing with automated security policies. BetterCloud effectively monitors and remediates threats across an organization's SaaS environment.

IT teams can use BetterCloud to easily build automated workflows with access to 1000+ essential actions and alters across more than 70 SaaS applications. This helps meet the wide and unique requirements of the business. 


  • Automates onboarding and offboarding

  • Can imply least privilege access


  • It is a user-friendly

  • The admin interface is clean and allows to check on users and take quick actions. 


  • Doesn't provide visibility as to why the failure occurred

  • The software can lag while making updates or changes

  • Limited actionable attributes 

Customer Rating  

  • G2 - 4.4/5

  • Capterra - 3.6/5

5. Productiv


Productiv is a SaaS management platform that guides IT teams with insights to power proactive governance, increase operational velocity and deliver a personalized employee experience. 

With Productiv's SaaS intelligence platform, IT admins can capture billions of employee app engagement data points and apply machine learning models to improve app visibility, compliance, higher cost efficiency across app portfolios, and increase employee personalization via ML.

Productiv makes the operations quick through intelligent automation and improves decision-making via predictive insights and benchmarks.


  • Helps with applications budget forecasting

  • Discovers SaaS applications

  • Offers intelligent automation of workflows


  • Visibility of licensed usage grouped by team 

  • Provides deprovisioning recommendations based on the organization's rules 


  • Need more connectors 

  • The interface can be more intuitive

  • Requires better and more reporting dashboards

Customer Rating 

  • G2 - 4.8/5

6. Ampliphae


Amphliphae helps IT teams proceed with the right approach to adopting SaaS. This software application offers products and services that deliver a wide range of solutions that benefit the SaaS ecosystem of an organization. It also helps to discover and manage cloud-based shadow IT in support of SAM, ITAM, or risk management. 

Amphliphae ensures that the IT team's approach to data governance, privacy legislation, and SAM is not jeopardized by SaaS adoption. 


  • Allows data governance

  • Good at SaaS discovery

  • Provides asset management

  • SaaSGuard helps to reduce risk and helps with investing in SaaS


  • Easy to deploy

  • It is affordable 

  • SaaSguard, along with SaaS access, helps to provide solutions and security


  • The platform can add more features for SaaS applications

Customer Rating 

  • G2 - 4/5

7. LeanIX

LeanIX (1)

LeanIX SaaS management platform optimizes the cost and productivity of the SaaS applications of organizations. This software integrates with all leading financial, contract management, and single sign-on systems to help the company quickly and continuously discover applications, providing visibility into the organization's SaaS ecosystem.

LeanIX helps to discover and track services in a company's SaaS stack to ensure compliance with GDPR, SCO2, and other regulatory requirements. It also tracks SaaS vendors that comply with the organization's policies.


  • Gives full visibility into the SaaS applications

  • Identity savings and optimize SaaS costs

  • Track usage and improve adoption

  • Determine compliance exposure 

  • Mitigate risks


  • UI is clean and easy to use

  • The system is easy to navigate through

  • A fully automated SaaS spend optimization solution 


  • Data can sometimes be inaccurate, and manual work can be needed to get what is exactly required.

  • Needs more variety in terms of reporting

Customer Rating  

  • G2 - 4.3/5

  • Gartner - 4.6/5

8. Cledara 


Cledara gives IT teams a single place to see and manage all of the organization's software subscriptions. This software makes collaboration easy by sharing the software available across the company's business and stopping the payment for duplicate or unused SaaS.

Cledara allows easy visibility into an organization's subscriptions, requests new ones, and automates onboarding or offboarding. This software application also helps with lightweight approval flows, using a unique card for each subscription and One-click cancellation.


  • Guides with software purchasing

  • Provides SaaS subscription management

  • Contains a software rewards program


  • Great onboarding experience and good support team

  • UI and dashboard are very intuitive

  • Helps to manage routine expenses easily 


  • Lack of convenient way to top up the account balance

  • Setting up all the providers with a new payment card can be difficult

Customer Rating 

  • Capterra - 4.5/5

  • Getapp - 4.5/5


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