Zluri Updates (June): New Integration Screen & Faster Onboarding


Welcome to Zluri's latest product update for June. It's a new month again, so here is a rundown of a new set of features & enhancements to help you manage your SaaS subscriptions effectively.

Archiving a User/Application

You can archive users created with incorrect details, external users, or generic accounts synced from your SSO. You can also archive SaaS apps that you signed up once & never used again. 

This helps you hide all digital artifacts that do not reflect the present state of the organization from your dashboard. 

To archive a user or an application, go to their respective overview screens. Click edit and then archive user as shown below.

 The All-new Integration Screen

The integration screen has a new look. Now you can view the list of integrations—category-wise—and sort them by name & status. There is also a recommended section that lists the apps used in your organization to integrate. 

Bulk Download & Update Data

Were you thinking of accessing & analyzing your Zluri dashboard data offline?  You can now export all the metadata of entities (apps/users/departments) in CSV format. Just select the fields you want to export & click ‘Export Data.’

You will receive an email notification containing the link to download the file when your export file is processed.

Pro Tip: To update the metadata at once, download the sample CSV in the desired format, make changes, & upload.

Skip the 'Transaction Upload' Step in the Onboarding Process

Now you can view your dashboard without uploading the transaction data. You can skip the step & we will take you straight into your dashboard, where you can view the users, applications, & their usage metrics. 

Note that you won't find the apps that were present only in the transaction data. However, you can upload the transactions later to see those apps and their usage data.

Invite Users with 'Viewer Role' to Your Dashboard

Wish to invite a user just to view your dashboard? 

Now you can add a user with view-only access to your Zluri dashboard. He/she will not be able to edit or add any data. 

Remove Users Access from Your Dashboard

Is an employee with 'admin access' to your dashboard leaving your organization? 

Just remove the user access from the administration settings. You can also terminate his/her access from the Zluri dashboard. 


We added 14 more applications to our growing list of integration libraries last month. 

1. Zoho Books

Are you using Zoho books as your financial & account system? Now you can import all your expenses from Zoho Books to your Zluri dashboard through our direct integration with Zoho Books. The software-related expenses will be automatically identified & mapped to the respective apps to give you a complete view of your SaaS expenses.

2. Zoho CRM

Wish to track & manage your Zoho CRM users from Zluri Dashboard? We have heard you. Now you can connect Zoho CRM to Zluri to get a complete view of the list of users & their activity on Zoho CRM from our dashboard.

3. Zoho Desk

Now you can get complete visibility into your Zoho Desk usage through our direct integration with Zoho Desk.  Authorizing Zluri to connect to your Zoho Desk instance will help you monitor Box users and usage and optimize the app licenses.

4. Intercom

Zluri-Intercom integration provides you detailed insights into how much value you are getting from your Intercom subscription. Authorizing Zluri to connect to your Intercom instance will help you monitor Intercom users and app usage and optimize the licenses.

5. Asana

Our latest integration with Asana enables you to track which employees have Asana licenses, how frequently they use them, & which features they are using. You will get detailed usage & engagement metrics for each user. Soon, you will be able to manage license ownership, and provision Asana accounts for users. 

6. Todoist

Connecting Zluri with Todoist will enable you to manage your Todoist users & monitor usage directly from Zluri. You will also be able to provision/deprovision user accounts.

7. Zoho SalesIQ

You can get complete visibility into your Zoho SalesIQ users & usage through our direct integration with Zoho SalesIQ.

8. Sentry

Integrating Zluri with Sentry will give you visibility into your Sentry instance, users, usage & licenses. 

9. Zoho Projects

Another popular application from Zoho is now available for direct integration from your Zluri dashboard. Connect to Zoho projects to manage Zoho Project users, monitor usage & optimize licenses.

10. Zoho Expenses

Zoho Expense is a popular app to track your spends. If you are using it to manage your expenses, And wish to identify the SaaS-related expenses from it. You can integrate Zoho Expenses with Zluri & we will take care of the rest.

11. Wrike

Wrike's work management platform gives your team full visibility and control over all your tasks and projects. Integrating Wrike with Zluri will help you discover Wrike users & usage from the Zluri dashboard.

12. Miro

Wondering how efficiently your team collaborates on Miro? Connect Miro to Zluri & you will have all the details in front of you in your Zluri Dashboard.

13. Zoho Mail

You can monitor Zoho mail users & usage across your organization through our direct integration with Zoho Mail.

14. Zoho Inventory

Integrating Zoho inventory with Zluri will help you manage your Zoho Inventory users from the Zluri dashboard. You will be able to see how frequently they log in to the application and how actively they engage with it to understand the true value you are getting from your Zoho Inventory subscription.

A Commitment to Our Customers

We are constantly working towards improving our product and bringing more value to our users. We are rolling out new features every month to make your SaaS management experience smooth and easy. 

We have more updates on our plate awaiting you in the coming months. Stay tuned until then. If you have any feedback, let us know


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