Top 30 SaaS Management Platforms [updated Sep 23]


SaaS management platforms can vary in their use-case, functionality, and costs. In this post, you’ll find the best 30+ apps to help you narrow down your search.

If you’ve looked at SaaS management platforms before, you know they vary in their use cases, functionality, and costs. SaaS management solutions can be broadly divided into four main use cases:

SaaS management tools can also be further broken down based on features and functionality. These are some of the basic capabilities you’ll find in SaaS management platforms (but features vary from platform to platform):

The different SaaS management tools on the market offer a variety of use-cases and price points. There is no one-size-fits-all saas management software. No platform works 100% perfectly for every company.

We compiled this list to help you save time and find ones that are a good fit for your specific needs.

Now, let's discuss the SaaS management platforms starting with ours.

1. Zluri


Zluri is a SaaS management platform that helps users to discover, optimize and secure SaaS applications. It is best for enterprises with over 100 employees, but even companies with less than 100 employees can benefit from it. What makes Zluri the best SaaS management platform is its data accuracy.

Now, let's take a look at its key features.


Zluri features

Application Discovery: Discovery is the foundation of any SaaS management platform. Because unless a tool identifies the apps, it can't optimize them for spending. Neither can it find issues related to them. Hence, any SaaS management tool can be as good as its discovery engine.

Zluri app discovery methods

Zluri, with over 2,25,000 SaaS apps, has the largest app library in the world. It uses five discovery methods to find 100% of SaaS apps in your organization: SSO, finance, and expense management systems, direct integration with apps, desktop agent (optional), and browser agent (optional).

Ultimately, this helps you eliminate shadow IT.

Zluri gives full visibility into SaaS environment

Take a deeper look at how Zluri discovers SaaS apps.

Vendor Management: Acts as a single source of truth for vendor contracts and gets you easy access to metadata that allows you to cut down your software spending and increase overall ROI.

You know how many contracts you have signed with them. How many of them are active, and how many have expired.

With Zluri, all your contracts are stored contextually with other vendors' information so that you can access them when required: during renewals, audits, termination, etc. If you have bought multiple apps from a single vendor, you can negotiate a better deal with the help of Zluri.

Zluri vendor management

Renewal Monitoring is a part of vendor management. Zluri enables you to manage all your renewals by creating an approval process that reduces unnecessary spending.

You get a renewal calendar that shows all the upcoming renewals and contracts in one place. You can set 30 days (or custom) email alerts for renewals. This ensures you never miss an upcoming renewal, and all the services are always up and running.

SaaS Renewal Calendar - Zluri

Monthly Renewal Calendar

Additionally, it helps you prioritize high-value renewals and prepare for them.

High Value SaaS Apps Renewal

Prioritize High-Value Renewals

Generally, the renewal negotiation is mostly in favor of SaaS vendors, not organizations purchasing them. They (salespeople) have access to the usage data and don't find it difficult to convince you to buy more licenses. But Zluri levels the playing field for IT and procurement teams.

Zluri equips IT teams with SaaS usage data. Hence, you get clarity on what to renew, whether to upgrade or downgrade the license types, how many licenses you actually need, and which apps to terminate.

  • Application Cost Optimization: Zluri helps you monitor, measure, and control expenditures on SaaS applications.

    You can use the filter to find those apps that cost you a sum, but the usage is very less.

    Apps spend optimization

    Apps with High Cost and Low Usage

    Or you can just use the spend optimization report.

    Spend optimization reports

    Spend Optimization Reports

    Further, these reports can be scheduled for periodic cleaning.

    You also can drill down to see license-level suggestions. There are primarily two ways to optimize licenses: rightsize licenses (decrease or increase the no. of licenses based on your requirements) and upgrade/downgrade to the right licenses tier plan.

    See how MoEngage’s IT and finance teams attained 100% SaaS visibility and realized over $250k in savings with Zluri within 6 months.

    Moengage achieved complete SaaS visibility with Zluri

    You can do both of these tasks in bulk for multiple apps directly from Zluri. This saves you a lot of time going into each of these apps individually to perform these tasks.

    Of course, you can send notifications to users to communicate about this before and after optimizing the licenses.

  • Grammarly optimization suggestions - Zluri

    License Optimization Suggestions

  • Application Utilization Data: Provides a simplified motoring feature to assess your application efficiency and optimize your licensing costs.

    kimberley wood

    Zluri directly connects with over 800 apps. Thus, we can get accurate data as we get data directly from the source of truth, unlike networking monitoring-based tools.

    Zluri provides you with deeper insights on SaaS usage. You can get usage data: users-wise, apps-wise, department-wise, business unit-wise, etc.

  • Real-time Insights and Reports: Alerts you in real-time about changes you need to make for your SaaS application on a dashboard. Zluri provides you with over 20 reports on your organizational data, insights for optimization, and spending.

    Workable insights report

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2. Zylo


Zylo is a SaaS management software for enterprises. Their primary focus is on spend management and shadow IT.  It optimizes SaaS licensing, contains costs, eliminates shadow IT, aids in renewal negotiation, and much more.

Zylo’s platform uses your login information and mainly financial integrations to derive your SaaS software data. This gives you insights into who uses the app, its usage and how much is spent on each app.

See this Zylo vs Zluri comparison.

3. Productiv


Productiv offers application engagement analytics and insights that help companies understand how their employees engage with software to work and collaborate.

It dives deep to process login data. Its analytics assesses what happens after a user logs in. It also enables decision-making through more efficient renewals and smarter license allocations. On the whole, it is a data-driven application that can increase your Saas value. 

4. Torii


Torii’s platform is designed for IT managers to discover, audit, and control SaaS apps used within their organization. Torii enables SaaS license optimization and allows setting up automated workflows for repetitive processes.

Torii simplifies shadow IT management and allows you to regain control of your environment without being invasive to users. It transforms a company’s cloud software stack into a readable, user-friendly dashboard by focusing on visibility, workflow, and automation to improve your SaaS management. 

Visibility: Torii has a robust dashboard and turns numbers into actionable insights providing easy-to-read visualizations and generating real-time reports.

Workflow: It makes sure that your employees don’t opt for tools with similar functions. It manages your SaaS subscriptions and controls who has access to each app. Additionally, Torii takes care of data security from employees who have offboarded from your company. 

Automation: Automates regular tasks, such as renewal, upgrades, downgrades, and access changes with the help of integrated bots.

5. Vendr


Vendr (previously Blissfully) gives companies tools for Saas operations, employee onboarding and offboarding, SaaS security and compliance, and SaaS spend optimization. It uncovers your SaaS graph, keeps it organized, and provides workflows and automation to manage, control, and track changes that happen across your organization. 

Vendr is equipped with a library of workflows and automation that allow you to collaboratively manage, control, and track your SaaS tools. You can create and save your workflows and manage everything from a centralized dashboard.

With Vendr, you can optimize your SaaS Spend. It keeps track of your software spending and usage data to help you maximize your ROI. Blissfully also keeps a log of all permissions, authentication, and key compliance data for security.

See this Blissfully vs Zluri comparison.

6. BetterCloud


BetterCloud empowers IT teams to define, remediate threats, and enforce SaaS apps' management and security policies. IT teams can take full charge of thier SaaS environment with continuous event monitoring, fully automated policy enforcement, and individual/bulk remedial action. 

It features deep API connections that enable IT to monitor user behavior, system configurations, and data-related activity across SaaS apps. IT can come up with advanced automation sequences to incite customer policies in their apps, which include user onboarding/ offboarding, data exposure, user and team settings, and least privilege admin access.

7. Basaas


Basaas allows you to work across apps unified in a single place. It also enables you to switch multiple accounts without constant logging in and out. You can launch any app with just a click, without the credentials. 

Basaas keeps you organized and works cross-app with your data directly stored on widgets at your workplace. 

It gives you an overview of the frequently performed tasks, appointments, and contacts. With Basaas, you can share apps with your teams easily. 

Pricing: Starts at $6.50/month/user. They offer a free trial version.

8. NachoNacho


NachoNacho is a B2B marketplace for buying SaaS applications. It helps small businesses and freelancers consolidate their SaaS subscriptions in one account through virtual credit cards and purchases new subscriptions at substantial discounts. The account setup takes less than five minutes.

For SaaS vendors, it is a great channel for new user acquisition. They can acquire new subscribers at comparatively lower costs than their CAC. They don’t require any technical integration to list the SaaS production, and the listing takes less than half an hour.

Pricing: Starts at $5.00/month/user. They offer a free trial version. 


desktop is an intuitive software that organizes all your web apps, decluttering your digital environment and propelling you towards productivity. 

With an app store containing over 1900 apps, the key features are

  • Better overview through sort and separate assets––web apps auto organized into categories and all links/bookmarks can be tagged and arranged into folders.

  • Drag-and-drop links and bookmarks into the service

  • Access from any device

  • Invite family members, colleagues, and friends to your shared desktop(s)

  • Switch between accounts with ease

Pricing: $8/user/month. It also has a free trial version.

10. Coreview


Coreview provides office 365 management, monitoring, reporting, and security auditing solutions.

It features built-in comprehensive data and advanced functionality that allows organizations to improve their security, achieve compliance, streamline their administration, optimize licensing, and deliver operational improvements.

Price: Available upon request.

11. Ampliphae


Ampliphae is an all-in-all SaaS management platform for an enterprise. You can quickly find SaaS applications used on your network, keep an eye on the adoption rate, and see who is using what service. You can also move users from non-compliant services to approved ones.

It offers an easy-to-deploy and cost-friendly cloud discovery, security, and compliance platform. Find shadow apps, keep SaaS costs under control, and minimize data compliance risks. 

With its constantly updated database, you can glance at the risks and benefits associated with each service.  

Pricing: Contact them for pricing.

12. Applogie


Applogie is a subscription management software that helps you discover, manage and optimize your organization's SaaS expenses. It does a forecast on your Saas subscription costs and manages your renewals and licenses.

Pricing: Starts from $100/user/month

13. Apptio SaaS Insights


Apptio provides SaaS solutions to help enterprises make quick and smart decisions regarding planning, optimizing, analyzing, and collaborating on investments.

Apptio SaaS Insights notifies spending overages, hidden costs, spending on closed projects, and poor forecasting. It uses machine learning and a set of rules for the user's financial, operational, and vendor data, analyzing anomalies and recognizing redundancy. 

It also alerts users and tracks progress through action plans. 

Pricing: Contact them for pricing. 

14. Augmentt


Augmentt is a channel-enabled SaaS management platform designed to help enterprises understand their SaaS usage, optimize their spend, implement security policies, streamline their operations and make better decisions. Augmentt's platform provides complete SaaS visibility and management across three main products, which are Discover, Optimize and Engage. 

The platform serves two key purposes: i. Provide MSPs with the technology platform, the tools and program, and the support they would need for a beneficial SaaS service. ii. Help the SMEs manage SaaS usage so that they can save money, improve their security and optimize operations.

Discover - A SaaS and shadow IT discovery and reporting module. Optimize - SaaS usage and spend tracker. Engage - SaaS administrator and automation module for eliminating time-consuming manual processes.


  • Discover - $0.49/seat/month

  • Optimize - $0.99/seat/month

  • Engage - $0.99/seat/month

15. Beamy


Beamy is a SaaS governance platform that helps large companies to manage the explosion of SaaS applications. Beamy's governance platform acts as a fundamental tool for the CIO, CISO, and IT governance team to keep an eye on SaaS software's compliance, optimize technology costs, and assist in building a future road map.

Key features

  • Dynamic application directory:  A SaaS directory that is regularly updated.

  • GDPR actions: Tracks declaration compliance of your SaaS partners.

  • Tracks optimization actions: Alerts you on potential optimization that needs to be investigated.

  • Evolution actions: It helps you build a future digital road map without the risk of software redundancy and maximizes software applications' alignment with your business needs. 

Pricing: Available upon request.

16. Binadox


Binadox is a software asset management and also does real-time monitoring and management of software licenses, service terms, and software assets of the organization. It uses natural language processing to analyze a software's content and eases your decision-making. 

Pricing: Starts at $99/month (Free trial available)

17. LeanIX


LeanIX is a spend optimization tool that focuses on tracking, managing, and benchmarking subscribed SaaS applications. They boast of helping save 30% of a company's spending on SaaS by automatically identifying the unused, underused, or mismanaged licenses and subscriptions.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing.

18. Flexera One


Flexera One identifies all your SaaS subscriptions and clears the unused, underused, and abandoned licenses. It helps you discover, manage and optimize your organization's SaaS subscription to reduce the shadow SaaS, manage SaaS renewals, reduce your spending, and secure user accounts.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing.

19. Snow


Snow is a technology intelligence platform that offers comprehensive visibility and contextual insights across software, SaaS, and the cloud. It helps IT leaders optimize their resources, enhance their performance and enable operational agility in a hybrid world. 

Snow also provides software asset management services for SaaS, IaaS with the cloud, as well as a spend calculator, risk monitor, and productivity optimizer services.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing.

20. AssetSonar


AssetSonar allows you to quickly set up a comprehensive IT asset database and centralize your device management using their integrations with Microsoft SCCM, Jamf Pro, and Intune. Their software asset management tool offers a consolidated view of the cloud and on-premise software installed across your IT devices. 

You can assign users per seat to licenses, set alerts for renewals and payments, track the license utilization pattern, optimize SaaS spend, and ensure license compliance at all times. 

Pricing: $69.99/month for 100 IT assets and one admin.

21. Intello


Intello is one of the topmost SaaS discovery, management, and optimization providers. It integrates with existing cloud software and leverages a proprietary browser extension to provide companies with real-time visibility into all of their SaaS data. 

Pricing: Starts at $500/month

22. Substly


Substly provides your company with an overview of all your subscriptions, users, and costs, letting you make informed decisions and saving your money and time.

Pricing: Starts from19€/month

23. Axios Systems Assyst


Axios system is the world’s leading IT service management solutions (ITSM)provider. Their ITSM software is fully aligned to ITIL processes, constantly providing value to organizations worldwide. They help organizations manage their service hierarchy with little resources and give end-to-end life cycle management for services.

Axios assyst is where people collaborate with each other to get the work done across the entire IT organization, instantly create new services, deliver faster and high-quality services, and most of all manage all these services in a way it supports the business goals.

ITSM tools help exploit cross-platform automation and machine learning to bring a next-level transformation. You can directly analyze and resolve bots and augment processes using AI to eliminate the mundane free resource and to innovate a digital agenda. 

Pricing: Contact them for pricing.

24. Eracent


Eracent supports its customers to meet the challenges of managing software licenses and computing assets. They help enterprises save significantly on their annual software spend, reduce their audit and security-related risks, and establish an efficient asset management process. 

Eracent offers cross-platform discovery, application recognition, and software utilization analytics to provide detailed insight. Its flexible integration allows data from other sources to be shared and normalized for complete ownership.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing

25. Cloud FX


Cloud FX is a SaaS management platform that caters to manage the SaaS service life cycle and offers self-service capabilities to end users to access approved SaaS apps.

It offers a unified SaaS control center where you can manage multiple SaaS apps and build custom automated workflows across all the applications.

26. Quolum


Quolum helps IT and finance to prevent excess spend on SaaS apps. It supports you in choosing SaaS apps that drive value and productivity and eliminate overpaying for underused and redundant apps. It provides tools to discover apps, report their utilization, and save costs.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing

27. Genuity


Genuity helps IT leaders navigate through the IT market by providing a clear view of SaaS and vendor expenses so that you can optimize your spending. It tracks vendor spend, and products and eliminates unused applications.

Pricing: Starts at $29.99/month

28. G2 Track


G2 track supports SaaS companies to monitor their softwares to identify the most optimal business outputs. This includes the ability to manage SaaS spend, usage, licenses and contracts, and compliance. 

In this way, an enterprise can optimize its entire tech stack by taking control of its complete SaaS platform from a single and powerful dashboard. It helps users identify the apps they are using, how long they are using them, along with their cost. 

It unifies their vendors data ranging from the invoice, and renewals to compliance making it easy to follow updates and notes about each contract. With deeper insights, your SaaS can be optimized in terms of product usage, billing, and contract renewals. 

Pricing: Starts from $160/month. It has a free version with limited features.

29. Cledara


Cledara is an all-in-one platform for purchasing and managing SaaS for organizations. You can manage, control, automate your company’s cloud software to scale your company’s operational process and comply with the regulations and save money.

Pricing: Available on request.

30. CloudM


CloudM monitors and manages your Google Workspace. It makes IT administration more effective and the workforce more productive.

It saves costs, improves accuracy, and centralizes your organizational policies with extensive features and automation tools. 

Take your Workspace to the next level with automated on/off-boarding users, password management, multi-language support, and contact sharing.

It seamlessly administrates, automates, and integrates your productivity suite from one place. 

Pricing: Available on request.

I hope you found this list of the best SaaS management platforms helpful. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section, and don’t forget to share this article!


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