Top 12 Resources for IT Teams


IT teams must equip themselves with the latest skills and knowledge and keep an eye on the latest technology updates and releases. 

This way, they can implement the relevant technologies into their current IT infrastructure to increase productivity and maximize ROI.

Ever-evolving IT infrastructure is the key enabler of digital transformation. Demands imposed on IT to stay on top of digital transformation trends are evolving far more than ever before or anticipated in this competitive global economy. 

The IT teams oversee a multitude of things on a regular basis, such as designing and updating IT frameworks, acquiring IT assets, automating workloads, optimizing IT costs, devising security strategies, providing security controls, assigning and revoking access permissions, and ensuring satisfactory customer experience, among other things.

A company's ability to run smoothly is also dependent on the use of technology. It's up to the IT leaders to make sure that the company's operations are not disrupted by things like manual workload, delayed user provisioning, slow internet, or phishing attacks. 

It is critical to stay abreast of the latest technological trends not only to keep the IT infrastructure running smoothly but also to stay one step ahead of the competition and threat actors.

New technology is introduced in the market every day, but deciding on which one you can leverage, can be difficult.

Hence, this blog post is going to introduce you to the top IT knowledge resources that will give you great knowledge and insights into the current IT trends.

Resources for IT Teams 

Below are some great resources; blogs, websites, and magazines that are useful for IT teams.

1. Zluri


Zluri is a SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that is helping IT teams discover, optimize, and secure organization-wide SaaS applications. 

The blog Zluri helps IT teams understand SaaS management. 

There are so many things IT leaders still struggle with when it comes to SaaS management, like manual user provisioning and deprovisioning, maintaining SaaS tools data on spreadsheets, the tracking of hidden costs, unused licenses, the dangers of shadow IT, as well as the loopholes in security and compliance. 

Zluri blog takes care of all those issues and educates on SaaS management best practices and the latest SaaS trends. So you make better decisions in managing your SaaS subscriptions.

Apart from the blog, you can also stay informed with SaaS Whispers by Zluri. SaaS Whispers brings the world's top IT leaders, CIOs, CFOs, ITAM, and SAM experts in one place. Where they talk about the challenges, they face in the SaaS-ified world. It's a great place to gain in-depth perspectives and experiences from the experts themselves on managing SaaS.

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2. CIO Journal 

CIO Journal

CIO Journal is a part of The Wall Street Journal, founded in July 1889. The journal has come across loads of information in its journey about any organization, like the beginning and end of any enterprise, creating any new industries, etc. It provides news, analysis, and data for technology executives powered by the editors from the Wall Street Journal.

CIO Journal helps IT professionals keep track of all the latest news and developments in the technology world to keep themselves updated.

3.  InfoWorld


InfoWorld is the leading source of information for developers, architects, and business leaders working on scalable cloud platform ventures. It is an informative resource for the IT heads to enhance their skills and update with the latest tech news. It focuses on business technology, software, tech news, analytics tools, machine learning, product reviews, and white papers.

The articles are categorized into different sections like software development, cloud computing, machine learning, analytics, and more to make it easier to search on specific topics.

4. TechCrunch


TechCrunch is an online newspaper that gives all the tech gossip and news focusing on high tech and startup companies. It provides diverse materials, analysis, and event summaries.

TechCrunch offers a specific section for startup news, trends, reviews, funding and acquisition reports, government regulations, etc. It also organizes various events worldwide that you can be a part of or watch video reports from those events and get valuable insights.

Furthermore, the TechCrunch+ articles section provides news and information on market analysis, growth, events, fundraising, work, and more. 

It covers vast tech-focussed topics like cloud computing, big data analysis, AI, and investments. 

5. Mashable


Mashable is a news website that covers international entertainment, culture, tech, science, and social good digital media platforms to enrich the social side of IT professionals. 

It emphasizes the view of how technology is influencing our lives and gives insights into user needs and user acceptance of the technologies.

It provides updates on the current technology trends and helps you better understand what your user requires.

6. CIO


CIO was launched in 1996 as an online companion to CIO Magazine. It is beneficial for all the IT leaders looking for the latest tech trends. CIO readers can gain knowledge in career development, skill development, idea generation on technology, update on the latest technology trends, etc. The insights on the topics mentioned earlier can help IT leaders achieve their goals and optimize skills.

7. Forrester


Forrester is a global research company that helps organizations better understand their customer needs and improve technology. It works closely with technology leaders like IBM, Oracle, SAP, Google, Amazon, Sony, etc., to provide insights and business strategies for top-level IT professionals.

In addition to research materials, events, webinars, and podcasts, Forrester also offers blogs on different topics from the viewpoint of IT leaders. 

IT professionals can benefit from the posts that aim at building business strategies, analyzing risks, helping in decision making, and improving business operations. 

8. Computer World

Computer World

ComputerWorld is a digital magazine for IT professionals to empower the organization users and help them upskill with the usage of the web, mobile, and desktop applications. 

The latest IT news on technology topics includes operating systems, software, security, mobile, storage and internet, emerging technologies, etc.

9. Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine is your portal to the world of Linux. Each monthly issue has in-depth articles on current trends, tools, and tips. Along with that, it is also a goldmine of news on key events in the open-source world.

Linux users, developers, and admins can gain extensive knowledge and help from the magazine. For a deeper understanding of Linux, white papers are also available.

10. Gartner Technology Blogs

Gartner Technology Blogs

Gartner Technology Blogs by Gartner provides insights, guidance, and tools for IT professionals. Gartner is a resource for technology leaders and has its research work on different agendas focusing on the requirements of the IT leaders. Topics related to trend analysis, predictions, cloud computing, expert guidance, and many more are offered for the top technology leaders to get in-depth knowledge about the industry.

11. Network Computing

Network Computing

IT professionals look up to Network Computing Magazine to understand the next-generation networks, data centers, storage systems, communications, and cloud architectures. 

It is a resource for IT architects and engineers, for whom it is essential to understand the business requirements and build and manage the infrastructures to meet those needs. The resources include events, reports, webinars, slideshows, and white papers, covering the latest updates on networking and other relevant topics.

In addition to this, it provides reviews, comparisons, and analyses from IT professionals in the area. 

12. Stackify’s Blogs

Stackify’s Blogs

Stackify blogs are a source of information, news, and other related topics. It aims to provide good quality information that is valuable and relevant to IT leaders.

Includes different topics like troubleshooting, cloud software development, distributed tracing, IT software networking, etc., 


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