Zluri - An Intelligent User Lifecycle Management Platform


Are you tired of spending countless hours on manual tasks and paperwork related to employee lifecycle management? Look no further because Zluri has the solution for you. 

Let's understand how Zluri's intelligent lifecycle management platform helps streamline and automate your employee management processes, leading to increased productivity and thriving businesses.

Consider a situation: you onboarded 10 employees, and it's their first day at work. There are numerous applications that they would need access to begin working.

However, if you're one of those who still rely on the traditional methods (i.e., manual methods, a ticket-based system, etc.) of onboarding employees, you realize that it would take days for you to provide the required access.

What would that leave you with?

Productivity loss for IT the team, reduced employee efficiency, and questions on your organization's processes! How, as an organization, can you avoid that from happening? Do you still think the traditional methods can suffice your IT needs? If yes, you have a lot to consider. 

If you're tired of the tedious and time-consuming process of onboarding employees using traditional methods, it's time to consider a more modern and efficient solution. That's where Zluri- an Intelligent Lifecycle Management Platform, comes in. It automates the employee's lifecycle for SaaS apps (i.e., provisioning, mid-lifecycle changes, and deprovisioning) and provides contextual app recommendations based on the employee's department and role. But Zluri doesn't stop there. It offers in-app suggestions that allow you to add the employee to relevant Slack channels while giving access to Slack. 

With Zluri in place, companies can improve productivity, reduce IT admin workload, and maintain high levels of security. So, if you're tired of hectic onboarding processes and security exposures for managing the employee's lifecycle, it's time to try your hands on the Zluri Lifecycle Management platform. It could be the key to unlocking your company's full potential.

What Makes Zluri An Intelligent Lifecycle Management Platform?

The short answer is 'contextual app recommendations' and 'in-app suggestions'. Read on to know more in detail.

As you search for the perfect lifecycle management tool, you may come across various options. So, what sets Zluri apart from the rest? What benefits can one avail of Zluri as an intelligent LCM platform? What makes it a better lifecycle management platform? 

Such questions are evident if you're considering/exploring an LCM solution. With Zluri, your IT operations team can automatically grant new hires the necessary access. Furthermore, to make it more streamlined, it allows you to schedule the onboarding task by saving it to use/reuse later, which you could run on the required day. 

Not just that, it also makes the process of revoking permissions seamless, ensuring that company resources are secure when any of your employees would want to move to a new opportunity.

How is Zluri making all that possible? So let's go ahead and dig into it.

1. Onboarding

As an IT admin, you know firsthand the importance of a successful onboarding process. It benefits the organization, sets the tone for the new employee's experience, and helps them feel welcomed and integrated into the team. However, the traditional onboarding methods can be time-consuming and tedious, leaving you with little time to focus on other important tasks. 

So, how does Zluri help streamline the entire process? Here're some of the key features that make Zluri stand out from the rest:

  • Onboarding workflow

You no longer need to make your employees wait for weeks to get access to the tools they require. Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and hello to increased productivity with Zluri's intelligent lifecycle management platform. 

With Zluri, you can create workflows (a set of activities required to complete a task) for the onboarding tasks and use them again as a playbook whenever required. For instance, a playbook with these tools can be created if you're in a Marketing role that needs Trello, Zoom, Slack, or Google Workspace. In the future, whenever a Marketing executive is onboarded, you can edit and use the same playbook for providing access. No matter which department or role you join, Zluri has you covered. 

Besides, you can even schedule the tasks to avoid the last-minute hassle. 

Here are the steps to create an onboarding workflow:

a. On Zluri's main interface, go to the Workflows module and select onboarding.


b. Further, click on New Workflow and select the user.


c. From the left, choose the required apps, and take the mentioned action for each selected application.

d. Further, click on Edit Action and proceed by entering the required details. You may also schedule the action to run the workflow on the onboarding day. Once done, click on Add Task.


e. Further, click on Save as Playbook. A dialog box appears stating to name the playbook before saving. Once saved, you can use it as a playbook.

  • Contextual App Recommendations

Well, Zluri isn't restricted to creating or scheduling onboarding workflows. It gives 'contextual app recommendations' that distinguish it from other service providers and makes it an intelligent lifecycle management platform. 

How efficient would it be for you as an IT admin to provide access to the applications even before an employee joins? How is that possible?

Based on the employee's department and the role, Zluri suggests some applications that can be added to the workflow. Then, you can take relevant action for each application you choose for a particular employee.

  • In-app Suggestions

Is that all that Zluri has to offer? Definitely not! The in-app suggestion is one such feature that reduces a lot of IT admin workload, as it helps you add the employee to the different channels or groups. For instance, if you use Slack or Cliq as a communication tool in your organization, you can add new hires to the relevant Slack or Cliq groups while giving access to either. 


Additionally, you can assign them the projects they'll be working on from Day 1, by giving them access to a project management tool, such as Trello. None of your employees would have to wait to know what to begin with. They have all that they need to have a great first day at work.

2. Mid-Lifecycle Changes

As professionals advance in their careers due to promotion or geological shift, they often require new tools and resources to help them excel in their roles. But obtaining these resources can be tedious, involving multiple approvals and long waiting periods. That's where the Employee App Store from Zluri comes in to save the day.


With the Employee App Store, you can streamline and automate the process of approving and assigning new software and licenses to your employees. This saves your HR, and IT teams time and gives your employees control over their tools.


In addition to reducing wait time, the Employee App Store also helps to decentralize SaaS procurement decisions, allowing employees to make informed choices about the apps they need. And with real-time updates and transparent communication, the approval process is made more efficient and transparent. 

If you want to make mid-lifecycle changes more manageable and more efficient for your employees, consider using the Employee App Store from Zluri. It's a simple solution that can significantly impact your organization's productivity and overall success. So give it a try and see the difference it can make.

3. Offboarding

An employee might leave an organization for several reasons, such as resignation, retirement, or termination. While offboarding can be a complex and time-consuming task, with Zluri's intelligent lifecycle management platform, the deprovisioning process becomes a breeze and more efficient. As a result, not only do you save time and effort, but you also keep your data secure.


When an employee leaves your organization, Zluri revokes their access to all devices, apps, and systems to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. It then backs up the employee's data and transfers it to a new owner, ensuring that important information is not lost.

Finally, Zluri revokes the employee's licenses and removes their single sign-on (SSO) access, ensuring they can no longer use any of the organization's applications. By following the above process, you can efficiently and securely offboard your employees every time.


Revolutionize Employee lifecycle management with Zluri

It's time for you to stop waiting, unburden IT, automate access, save time & cut costs. So why won't one opt for an intelligent lifecycle management platform like Zluri that allows you to automatically provision or deprovision the right apps for the right users?

Whether you need to add a new hire to the system, assign necessary applications, update personal information, or disable access for a departing employee, Zluri makes it easy with a single click. 

So, what are you waiting for? Eliminate request queues and approval bottlenecks & boost employee and IT team productivity with Zluri's user lifecycle management platform by booking a demo with us today!


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