Impact of SaaS on Organizations with Scott Conn- Featured Shot


Impact of SaaS on Organizations with Scott Conn

Scott Conn became the Chief Information Officer for the City of Modesto on May 24, 2022, where he currently puts his 40+ years of C-level private sector, Executive Consulting, and local government Information Technology (IT) experience to work. Before joining the Modesto team, Scott was a member of the IT Team at the City of Concord, fulfilling multiple positions over a 6-year span. His last role was that of IT Division Head for Public Safety.

Aside from working at the City of Modesto, Scott is an active member of the Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC), serving on the Communications Committee, and is the current President of MISAC’s Northern Chapter.

In this podcast, Scott shares his views on the following:

  • Working as a CIO in public and private sectors
  • How the SaaS model has impacted the whole world and continues to do so
  • Security certifications