How to Automate Onboarding Using Zluri


Most IT teams struggle with providing tools to employees during onboarding. In case of delay, it's not only a bad experience for the employees but poses security and compliance risks for the company too.

Zluri solves this problem for IT teams. With Zluri, you can automate the whole process of SaaS license assignment by creating purpose-built workflows.

Today an employee of a mid-size company uses more than 100 apps at work. 

com size vs no. of apps

It is a hectic and time-consuming process for IT teams to give new employees timely access to tools required to do their jobs at the onboarding time. 

Let's see how Zluri, a SaaS management platform, solves this problem for IT teams.

How Zluri Automates the Process of Giving Access to SaaS Tools?

Zluri is an enterprise SaaS Management Platform that automates the provisioning of new apps to employees in a company. Zluri has the biggest SaaS library with more than 225000 apps. You can get any specific apps for your required task. 

You can create workflows (a set of activities required to complete a task) that can be used again if required as a playbook (a collection of required app recommendations for automation) using these apps.

Zluri recommendation engine provides proper suggestions on SaaS applications. Thus, you can create multiple playbooks in workflows for specific departments and use them again. 

You can use this playbook for multiple new users. You can edit and update playbooks as well if certain changes are required.

Onboarding playbooks

For example, you can create a playbook for the content writer with Slack, ProWritingAid, Trello, and Grammarly. If a new employee joins, then you can add users and send them the onboarding tasks with a single click, so they can complete and start using the applications.

Fast Setup and Ease-of-Use

The easy and convenient UI makes it efficient to set up the automation. There are ten modules present in Zluri, among which, using the workflow module, you can do the onboarding automation. 

You can create your custom workflow easily using the following steps.

Click on the "Workflows." You will see the Workflow option at the bottom of the page. Now, click on the workflow, and you will get two options. 

A. Onboarding

B. Offboarding

onboarding workflows

Click on "Onboarding." After clicking on onboarding, you will go to the interface where you will find many options such as Overview, Drafts, Playbooks, Recent Runs, and Automation Rules. You can use these features according to the requirements. 

On the top right corner side of this page, you will find two buttons. 

A. New Workflow

B. Use a Playbook

Click on "New Workflow." After clicking on this, you will get a page open where you have to select a user or multiple users. Click on "Add New User." Now you can select the users. After selection, click on the next dropdown box and select the required applications.

onboarding workflows 2

Select your required applications from among the recommended ones. These suggestions are based on what apps are used inside your company by different departments and roles. 

Onboarding mark davis

Your task is almost complete after a selection is made.

Click on "Run." 

This workflow will automatically get saved as a Playbook for future reference. You can use this same playbook when a new user needs the same application. You can edit this playbook afterward if required.

Now you have created a workflow. The new user will receive an email and can immediately start using the applications.

It increases the speed, efficiency, accuracy, performance, reliability, and scalability of the onboarding process.

Apart from onboarding workflows, there is another self-serve option that can be used to automate the whole process of SaaS license approvals.

Using a Self-serve Model- Employee App Store

Employee app store feature page

You can use Employee App Store to provide access to applications to new joiners. It automates the whole SaaS access management process. 

The app store helps you with SaaS approvals and licenses assignment to your employees. It decentralizes the onboarding process, updates SaaS, and saves time on repetitive tasks.

You can give permission to employees to select their required apps from the employee app store that IT admins approve. You can also keep a list of apps used in the organizations and let new joiners select from those. 

Read more about the Zluri employee app store here.


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