How Zluri Saves Time and Money for IT Teams

Sethu Meenakshisundaram

30th August, 2022


Zluri will help you solve all of the obstacles that are associated with your SaaS stacks, including spend management, security issues, compliance issues, and Shadow IT.

It helps IT Teams discover, manage, optimize and secure their SaaS stacks. It is one of the most efficient SMPs available, saving you both time and money. 

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that provides all of the features necessary to manage your SaaS apps. This platform is designed for teams that care about visibility, efficiency, and cost savings. 

It provides your organization with the ability to gain visibility and control over the evolving technology stack. Zluri integrates with your core business system in order to keep a SaaS system of record, and after that, it gets ready to keep your vendor life cycle with predefined workflows.

Now, let’s see how Zluri saves time and money.

The following are some of Zluri's features, which together make it the most efficient and cost-saving SMP available.

1. Discover SaaS Applications Automatically and Eliminate Shadow IT


A SaaS management system cannot function properly without the discovery engine serving as its cornerstone. The discovery of SaaS apps is the first step of any robust SMP. The discovery engine serves as the foundation for all of the other capabilities, including license management, vendor and contract administration, expenditure optimization, and so on.

If you are not able to discover a SaaS application within your company, you can never be able to manage, optimize, or secure it.

Keeping this in mind, Zluri has built the world's largest app library with more than 225,000 apps that keep on expanding as new apps come into the market on a regular basis. The discovery method is an important factor in determining the resilience of the discovery process.

Zluri will detect any new apps as soon as they are introduced into your SaaS environment. We make use of five different discovery approaches in order to unearth all of the SaaS applications present in your organization. The 5 SaaS discovery methods we use are:

  1. SSO

  2. Financial and cost management

  3. Direct integration via APIs

  4. Desktop agents (optional)

  5. Browser extensions (optional)

Zluri will not only discover all of your SaaS apps, but it will also give you a clear view of what apps are being used by which employees in different departments. 

You can refer to this article regarding the operation of Zluri's discovery engine. We have provided an explanation of how the overall discovery engine operates.


2. Automates Repetitive Tasks for IT Assets and SaaSOps Managers


With Zluri’s onboarding/offboarding automation capabilities, you can now utilize the power of contextual recommendations and SaaSOps automation that Zluri provides in order to onboard and offboard personnel, back up essential data, revoke access to SaaS apps from your ex-employees, and secure your SaaS stack.

You can use our ROI calculator to see how many hours you are currently wasting on these tasks if you are doing them manually.


2.1. Give Hassle-Free Onboarding on Day 1 to New Joiners

Zluri offers a collection of onboarding procedures that make it possible for IT personnel to onboard new staff through the use of a streamlined and user-friendly interface (UI). 


With Zluri, you can build onboarding workflows. 

When creating onboarding workflows, Zluri gives you app suggestions based on their seniority and department.


The onboarding process does not end once the employee has been added to an application; rather, it includes further contextual activities, such as adding the individual to a Slack channel or a Google workplace group.


Further, you can save these workflows as playbooks. So that next time someone joins at the same role, you just need to run the playbook.


2.2 Secure Deprovisioning while Offboarding Employees

Zluri’s offboarding process is very similar to onboarding workflows; it ensures that an employee’s departure from a company is as smooth as possible. 


Offboarding is a one-click task with Zluri. You just need to run the offboarding playbook.


It handles things like backing up employees' data, revoking accesses, and reassigning work to other team members. When it comes to deprovisioning, Zluri is the best solution in the market. 


Note: The IT team can now streamline the SaaS approval process with App Catalog & Access Request, i.e., automate it, configure the number of approvers and decide the apps and app data that would be visible/hidden for departments/employees. This saves a lot of time for IT teams, and every SaaS purchase happens openly, preventing the entry of shadow apps.


App Catalog & Access Request is a self-serve solution that helps employees choose the right apps that meet their needs. It also gives flexibility to employees to choose their apps within the guardrails.


3. Automate Your SaaS Contract Renewals


Zluri can help you keep track of all of your software application contracts and renewals, and it can also help you establish an approval process to cut down on spending and provide data to negotiate and maximize ROI. Get alerts to make proactive decisions for renewals, negotiate and make data-driven renewal decisions.


The renewal calendar offered by Zluri provides an overview of all of the upcoming SaaS renewals. Because of this, you won’t be subjected to unexpected auto-renewals. You will receive notifications 35 days, 15 days, and 1 day in advance regarding contracts. You will receive 7 days of alerts for recurring payment terms.

The Zluri renewal calendar also gives you the ability to prioritize the renewals that require your attention the most by allowing you to set custom alerts. You might give higher priority to high-value contracts, for instance.


4. License Optimization & Management

The ability to save money is one of the primary benefits that come with having complete control over all software licensing. Because the typical cost of idle software is $259 per desktop, this indicates that such underused applications are a strain on the IT budget and a waste of valuable resources.

Zluri offers solutions for IT administrators that assist in the discovery, optimization, and security of SaaS applications. These capabilities include renewal monitoring, application cost optimization, and app utilization. 


Users are able to more easily monitor all of their SaaS applications and the licenses associated with them.

Zluri’s license module offers extensive information on a variety of license types, including subscriptions, contracts, and perpetual licenses. 


You are given information such as the quantity and pricing of each program, which enables you to make better judgments by comparing various applications and the licenses they require.

The license module gives additional information, including the total number of licenses that each user possesses, the date on which the user's license will need to be renewed, the license type, the cost, and also the payment method. 

You also get insights on hidden charges for each contract.


In the Cost column, you can see what is mentioned in the contract. In the Spend column, you can see what the amount you have actually paid is. The bigger the difference is, the higher you are charged than what is mentioned in the contract.

In a nutshell, Zluri provides IT teams with an increased level of control and visibility over the SaaS applications and licenses they manage.

5. Smooth Vendor Management Workflows


Zluri’s SaaS vendor management enables you to ensure that all of these applications are managed effectively. It lets you know how many people are using an app at any given time. It will help you make sure that your vendors are charging you the right amount. So, you can be sure that you're only paying for what you use.

Cost per subscription: It's important to know how much you pay for a subscription. You can switch to a different vendor if you find one that is more effective and charges less. It is very helpful to have all of these metrics in one place, like Zluri’s dashboard.

Eliminates the issue of abandoned apps: It's very important to know who owns an app so you can talk to them directly if there are any problems. Zluri provides an option to add owners to the respective apps. In case of any issue, you can view the list of owners of all your SaaS apps. 


Identify Apps with No Owner


Delegate Ownership for Various Tasks with Finance Owner and Alternate Owner

The compliance status of any application: You need to know a tool's compliance status before you buy it. 


Since it's an application from a third party and you'd be sharing all of your official information and client data with it, you should make sure it meets industry standards.