Software applications aren’t complicated. Managing them should be easier.

The most damaging software application problems are those hidden in plain sight. Zluri addresses them by making your ecosystem leaner, robust, and more productive.

Smart application discovery

Tap into Zluri’s comprehensive knowledge base in real-time and streamline your application ecosystem – make it agile and more mission-critical.

  • Utilize the know-how of 60,000+ apps
  • Prioritize applications based on specific use cases

Easy renewal monitoring

Manage all your software application contracts/renewals with Zluri and create an approval process to reduce spends – get data to negotiate and maximize ROI

  • Use a smart calendar to manage renewals
  • Take decisions based on growth trends

Application cost optimization

Monitor, measure, and control application spend while demystifying shadow IT – get deep-dive insights from Zluri to rationalize or optimize application costs.

  • Unearth hidden cross-platform spends
  • Analyze application usage correlation

Smooth vendor management

Make Zluri a single place of truth for vendor contracts and get easy access to metadata to significantly cut down software spend – improve overall ROI.

  • Pre-built database of popular vendor apps
  • Zero-compromise compliance stance

Application utilization data

Use Zluri’s simplified usage monitoring feature to assess your application efficiency – better understand how you can optimize licensing costs.

  • Deep-dive application usage analysis
  • Take strategic decisions to improve license ROI

Real-time insights and reports

Be alert to changes to your application ecosystem with Zluri’s real-time notifications –get a single dashboard to manage renewals, access detailed reports, and more.

  • Optimize budgeting with data-rich insights
  • Streamline documentation and reporting

Go from SaaS chaos to SaaS governance with Zluri