Simplify access management for SCIM & non-SCIM apps

Zluri helps you discover, manage, and control access to all your apps — regardless of SCIM or SSO support

Expand your sphere of access control

Extend access

Consolidate managed access to unfederated and shadow IT apps

Fine-grained control

Grant resource-level access such as specific folders, repositories etc.

No-code workflows

Automate access provisioning with policies and flexible workflows

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Directly integrate & manage access for 200+ apps

Integrate directly with over 200+ apps using API connectors and automate user provisioning with powerful actions to overcome SCIM limits

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Go beyond removing users with granular offboarding

Transition from surface-level access revocation to comprehensive offboarding with granular actions such as data transfer, device locking, and more

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Enable deeper, fine-grained provisioning actions

Go beyond basic SCIM account creation and deletion with 2500+ automated actions that help scale access management to more than 200 apps

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Define when users get access to apps with workflows

Leverage an extensive, no-code policy automation engine to define who gets access to what apps, when they get access, and what level of access within each app

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All user access under one roof

Unify and control access for federated, unfederated and shadow apps in one consolidated platform to solve for the limitations of IAM and SSO tools

Make unified access control a reality