ITAM and ITSM are the two most common responsibilities in the ITOps domain. The use cases and working approaches of the two, on the other hand, are complementary yet vastly different. 

These are the two processes that help IT leaders with the proper management of an organization's overall IT operations; each focuses on a different aspect. 

ITAM is directly connected to your organization's IT infrastructure. It focuses on managing all hardware, software, digital assets, and networks. At the same time, ITSM focuses on delivering IT services as effectively as possible.

While implementing these technologies, IT managers must understand the different use cases of the two in order to make the most out of their capabilities, keeping in mind the end goal of providing the greatest end-user experience possible.

Both technologies, standalone or combined, serve an organization's IT operations; nevertheless, their purposes and goals are meant to achieve specific tasks. 

Now let's have a look at the major differences.

How Zluri is Helping IT Teams with both ITAM and ITSM Surrounding SaaS Subscriptions

SaaS management platform, Zluri is helping IT teams discover, optimize and secure their enterprise-wide SaaS applications. It helps in streamlining how SaaS services are delivered based on criterias such as user roles,  processes, budget, and outcomes. 

By giving IT teams greater control over their SaaS stack, Zluri helps IT teams manage the security and compliance risks associated with SaaS apps from a centralized dashboard. 

Zluri's data-driven capabilities are helping IT teams automate time-consuming and repetitive IT tasks, such as employee onboarding and offboarding, removal of unused SaaS licenses, and removal of risky SaaS apps — in just a few clicks.

Zluri works best for the enterprise market with a company strength of 500-5000, but even companies with less than 500 employees can benefit from it. If your company has less than 50 employees, Zluri is entirely free.

What does Zluri do?

  • Discovering your organization's SaaS subscriptions:

Zluri has the largest SaaS app library and will work on over 120000+ applications. 

Zluri discovery engine uses five methods to discover all your apps with near 100% accuracy.

  • License Renewal Monitoring:

With Zluri, you don't need to worry about surprise renewals. Zluri alerts about your upcoming renewals, giving you enough time to decide whether or not you need the app. You can decide that through the SaaS usage insights from Zluri.

  • Applications Cost Optimization: 

Zluri helps you standardize your applications and traces your SaaS ecosystem. It monitors, measures, and helps you take control of your SaaS spend. It also helps you find hidden apps.

  • Smooth Vendor Management: 

Zluri has an automated vendor management system with all the features needed to manage your SaaS stack. It maintains a SaaS system of record by integrating with your core business system, after which it prepares to maintain your vendor life cycle with your predefined workflows. 


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