Best Lansweeper Alternatives in 2022


IT asset management tools are used in organizations for managing software and hardware assets. With IT asset management, admins can easily keep track of all IT assets and get an overview of how they are used to make data-driven decisions.

Though Lansweeper is a good IT asset management tool, it has many drawbacks, like it occasionally gets slowed down. There are many other IT asset management tools available in the market which may fulfill your organization's requirements if you're looking for Lansweeper alternatives.

Before discussing the alternatives, let's learn more about Lansweeper.

What is Lansweeper?

Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management Software. It discovers all IT assets in the organization.

Lansweeper provides a complete and up-to-date overview of all IT assets like laptops, applications, networks, etc. It provides information such as renewal dates of assets, number of active and inactive licenses, etc. IT admins get to choose from over 400 built-in network reports, adapt them to their needs, or build custom reports within minutes with the help of Lansweeper. 


Key Features of Lansweeper

  • Discovers the organization’s IT assets 

  • Single source of truth for all hardware, software, and users

  • Automate reporting, recordkeeping, and other repetitive tasks

  • Proactively identify risks, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance issues 

  • Renewal management and cost optimization

Drawbacks of Lansweeper

  • It occasionally slows down

  • Lacks certain specific details in reports

  •  The Cache of old information can be difficult to clear sometimes

  • Poor support and takes time to resolve issues

Customer Ratings

  • G2- 4.5/5

  • Capterra- 4.6/5

Now, let’s see the different alternatives to Lansweeper.

Top 10 Alternatives to Lansweeper

1. Zluri


Zluri is a SaaS management platform that guides IT teams to discover, manage, secure, and comply across multiple SaaS applications from a single dashboard. This software application helps to eliminate shadow IT, ensure the company's security and compliance and also discard unused or unwanted apps. 


  • Automated onboarding and offboarding

  • Smart application discovery

  • Easy renewal monitoring

  • Application cost optimization

  • Smooth vendor management

  • Application utilization data

  • Real-time insights and reports


  • Set up process is easy

  • Traces IT shadows from roots

  • Automatic integrations, full visibility, and budget control

  • Hassle-free onboarding

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.9/5

  • G2- 4.9/5

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2. PDQ Inventory 

PDQ Inventory

PDQ Inventory uses dynamic scanners, an abundance of collections, and built-in reports to streamline IT organization's systems management.

This software creates collections and runs reports to easily identify the machines which need to be updated for the selected software. All the information which is needed can be acquired in a matter of clicks, and issues can be fixed easily. 

With PDQ, repetitive tasks can be avoided, and robust automation and scripting options increase productivity. 


  • Integrate with active directory and collect computer data.

  • Create custom groupings of computers to run automated or manual scans.

  • Allows you to remotely execute commands, reboots, scripts, and uninstalls.

  • You can save and export reports.

  • Keeps track of asset data.


  • Easy to use

  • Provides detailed inventory information

  • Highly customizable

  • Affordable


  • Only provides email support

  • Doesn't have the ability to manage systems away from the network

  • Uncertainty of functions due to frequent updates

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.7/5

  • G2 - 4.9/5

3. Snipe-IT


Snipe-IT offers a low latency worldwide network for fast connection remotely. The data will always remain in the region the organization’s admin selected while signing up. 

This application is made for IT asset management, which enables IT departments to track who has which devices, their date of purchase, which software licenses and accessories are available, and so on.


  • One-click backups.

  • Multi-language translation.

  • Slack notification integration for check-in and check-out.

  • LDAP login/user sync.

  • Per-user language support.

  • Mobile-friendly for asset updates.


  • Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to use

  • Free multi-platform satisfactory default templates

  • Provides large customization options

  • Ability to add components as well as accessories


  • Configuration is complex and time-consuming

  • Importing is not a smooth process

  • Doesn't support SAML or any real SSO authentication

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.4/5

  • G2- 4.6/5

4. Device42


Device42 is an IT asset management and dependency mapping platform. It provides insights to optimize infrastructure and applications across different data centers and the cloud. 

This application even provides users detailed insights into the most complex IT enterprises across a broad range of virtual, cloud, physical, and storage resources.


  • Inventory management.

  • Reports and visualizations.

  • Remote asset agent and agentless auto-discovery.

  • System audits.

  • Automatic contract management.

  • Multi-system support.


  • Customer support is responsive and helpful.

  • Highly customizable and its API allows it to easily integrate with other tools

  • Multitenancy and flexible settings for permissions

  • Quickly discovers assets and their locations


  • The discovery capabilities of some vendors are limited

  • Data is visible within the application but not in an exportable report

  • The user interface needs improvement

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.8/5

  • G2- 4.7/5

5. SolarWind Service Desk


SolarWinds helps to manage networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid models. With this application through a single plane of glass, IT admins can observe technology assets, their functionality, and their role in the server. 

The API technology of SolarWinds Service Desk helps to easily manage assets, help desk tickets, and software license updates by visualizing the full asset life cycle to identify areas that can reduce the overall cost of assets, saving time and money.


  • Consolidate assets with unified IT asset management dashboards.

  • Automate risk detection by using asset management tools.

  • Leverage IT asset management to align assets with incidents.

  • Automatically discover current assets for better IT asset management.

  • Create a centralized overview of asset configuration.


  • The support staff is very helpful

  • Easy to use and affordable 

  • It is cloud-based and has mobile applications for iOS and Android

  • Ease of deployment 


  • Lack of customizability 

  • Search functions can be enhanced

  • The reporting system isn't stable all the time

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.6/5

  • G2- 4.4/5

6. Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite


Ivanti Neurons for ITAM helps organizations track, configure, optimize and strategize to manage IT assets through their complete life cycle. 

The solution's configurable design guides define and follow the workflow or implement out-of-the-box processes. With Ivanti Neurons, you can get the complete picture of your company's hardware, server, client, virtual, cloud or software assets from purchase to disposal.


  • Employ automation across IT systems

  • Cost and contract visibility

  • Vendor management

  • Lifecycle tracking.


  • Customizable

  • Good customer service

  • The design and functionality make it easy to use and administer 

  • Ability to query each device and check system health 

  • Automatically updates assets inventory


  • The user interface needs an uplift

  • Cost is high

Customer Rating

  • Gartner- 4.3/5

  • G2- 4.4/5

7. ManageEngine


ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a web-based IT Asset Management software. It helps to monitor and manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle, from planning to the disposal phase. IT admins can troubleshoot application performance and get instant alerts for critical incidents and provide real-time status updates.

With ManageEngine, admins can visualize IT data and gain actionable insights about IT assets. This application also secures networks from cyberattacks and ensures compliance.


  • IT operations management

  • Advance IT analytics

  • Keeps track of IT assets and helps to make data-driven decisions


  • Easy to discover software and hardware across the network

  • Good reports in real-time

  • Can check last login and hardware change history

  • Asset details are automatically updated for each periodic discovery 


  • There are a few bugs

  • Have to install the app on every device 

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.3/5

  • G2- 4.2/5

8. BMC Helix Discovery

BMC Helix

BMC Helix Discovery is a SaaS-based, cloud-native discovery and dependency modeling system. This application provides instant visibility to hardware, software, and service dependencies across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Organizations can make informed decisions about IT service management, asset management, and infrastructure/ operations management with the help of BMC Helix Discovery.


  • Automate application workflow.

  • Automate data center

  • IT asset visibility and provides insights about assets.


  • Make tracking information easy

  • ITSM compliant and great integration possibilities

  • Very fast deployment

  • It has a competitive price


  • Inefficient maintenance of the database structure

  • Monitoring tools need improvement

  • Update lifecycle can be better

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.1/5

  • G2- 4.3/5

9. Freshservice


With Freshservice, IT organizations can build a multi-source CMDB for all hardware, software, and SaaS using out-of-the-box discovery solutions and real-time connectors with leading discovery solutions, endpoint Management tools, and identity providers. 

Freshservice also helps to get a real-time view of the company's infrastructure with an auto-updating CMDB that can discover and manage infrastructure ranging across cloud and on-premises environments.


  • Discover hardware, software, SaaS, and more across the cloud and on-premises.

  • Asset lifecycle management.

  • Inventory management.

  • Contract management.


  • Ease to use for complaints, issues tracking, and asset management

  • User-friendly interface 

  • Easy to implement and intuitive solutions


  • Customization could be better in some areas

  • Search can be better if additional filter options are added 

  • Missing workflow functionality 

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.5/5

  • G2- 4.6/5

10. ServiceNow

ServiceNow (1)

ServiceNow company believes in the power of technology to reduce the complexity of IT jobs. Their application software makes work better for employees with modern digital workflow.

ServiceNow software optimizes hardware, software, and cloud cause while reducing risks. It also automates workflow actions from native CMDB, the central system of record for IT.


  • IT asset management

  • Governance, risk, and compliance


  • Can be customized as per service line

  • Allows method to integrate other monitoring and automation tools which provides an end-user with a single interface to operate 

  • Developer friendly solution-oriented platform


  • Delay of loading page or reports of data

  • Some plugins are not available in a personal development instance 

  • Addon features have some licensing cost attached which is not included in the base package

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.5/5

  • G2- 4/5


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