Zluri Updates (April): Scheduled Exports and Reports

Hello folks, it's that time of the year again! The fiscal year has just ended, and the IT & finance leaders would be busy preparing financial statements and budgets for the upcoming year. It includes framing the budget of SaaS spend as well. Zluri has released some features this month to help you in that aspect.

Manage all your SaaS Contracts in a single place

Software contracts are a big part of SaaS management, and the data related to that has always remained in fragmented systems like emails, drives & spreadsheets, etc. This makes it difficult to get all the important information in a consolidated manner when needed. That won't be the case anymore. 

Zluri now enables you to manage all your software contracts from a single place.

While adding contracts, you can set the renewal date and tick the checkbox to add it to the renewal calendar to get timely notification & reminders about the renewal when it's due.

Reminder for notes

If you had read our product update last month, you must be aware of the notes feature. Notes enable you to add a comment, feedback, or a task for any application, user, or department. 

But what if someone adds a note & forgets it? Now, no one will! The new ‘reminder option’ helps you set a reminder for your notes. 

Adding a reminder is easy, just click the bell icon & set the date.

Capture extra information through custom fields

During conversations with our customers, we found out that many of them wanted to capture some extra information about applications or users in the Zluri app. 

Like, when an organization employs the services of freelancers to get some work done, ‘Type of employee’ becomes an important piece of information. They wanted to know that via Zluri, to associate the costs of the apps with all the users appropriately. 

Now you can get this information through custom fields.

Custom fields can be added to Applications, Users, Departments & Transactions. You can add as many custom fields as you like. 

Manually add application users & usage

Zluri automatically pulls all user activity data from the SSO service provider for your organization. And now we give you an option to manually update usage for an app too. You can select the application, users & set the frequency.

Renewal Calendar to keep track of all the renewals

Do you know how many SaaS apps or contracts are up for renewals this month? This quarter? Do you have all the information you need to negotiate those contracts better? Is this data residing in some spreadsheet? And is that spreadsheet regularly updated with accurate information? 

Well, if the answer to any of these questions is ‘No,’ then ‘Renewal Calendar’ is here to help you. It is a simple calendar view of all your software applications & contracts due for renewals. 

You can access this section by going to the ‘Applications -> Renewals’ page. You can have a daily view as well as consolidated view for next 12 months, which will give a clear picture of what is coming. And you can also set reminders for renewals. 

Apart from these major features, we’ve fixed some minor bugs & made some UI changes to improve the user experience. Let us know what problems you are facing in trying to manage your SaaS sprawl & we will be happy to discuss how we can help you.